International Winter School

Tutzing, February 20-23, 2023

The Collaborative Research Center Open System Control of Atomic and Photonic Matter (OSCAR) explores the physics of open quantum many-body systems across different experimental platforms. Apart from basic research in this field the integrated young reseacher training program i-OSCAR guarantees education of the highest quality standards for the involved doctoral students and early postdocs. As a particular educational measure our SFB organized an International Winter School on Open Quantum Many-Body Systems, which took place in the Evangelische Adademie in Tutzing (Germany), in the period February 20-23, 2023. The lectures focused on three research areas, which are of central importance of OSCAR and have been discussed from both the experimental and the theoretical point of view:

1) BEC-BCS Crossover:

a) Taira Kawamura (Yokohama, Japan): Non-equilibrium BCS-BEC crossover in a strongly interacting driven-dissipative Fermi gas
PDF-Version of the slides

b) Henning Moritz (Hamburg, Germany): Comparing fermionic superfluids in two and three dimensions
PDF-Version of the slides

2) Hybrid Quantum Systems:

a) Michael Thorwart (Hamburg, Germany): Nonequilibrium quantum phase transitions in hybrid atom-optomechanical systems
PDF-Version of the slides

b) Philipp Treutlein (Basel, Switzerland): Light-mediated interactions in atomic and optomechanical systems
PDF-Version of the slides

3) Topology:

a) Alexander Altland (Cologne, Germany): Topological quantum matter
PDF-Version of the slides

b) Christoph Weitenberg (Hamburg, Germany): Detecting topology with ultracold atoms
PDF-Version of the slides

School fee for board and lodging: 250,00 EUR (Payable after registration)

Payment information:
Members of TU Kaiserslautern do not have to pay the School fee. Their payment will be taken care of internally.

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