Twice per year the CRC organizes two-day minisymposia, alternating between Bonn and Kaiserslautern. Talks of PIs as well as external invited speaker serve as a platform for new ideas, discussions on common ideas and publications.

In addition lab tours, student talks and working groups are program points which are especially attrative for PhD students.


30.11. - 01.12.2023 Bonn

Simon Trebst (University of Cologne): Monitored quantum circuits
Daqing Wang (University of Bonn): Exploring quantum fundamentals and technologies with single controlled molecules
Ewa Bres, Daniel Rudolf (University of Bonn): Research Data Management, Open Access and all that

22. - 23.06.2023 Kaiserslautern
Andreas Läuchli (University of Innsbruck and PSI Villigen): Quantum Many Body Physics with Rydberg Atoms: Theoretical and Numerical Challenges
Diego Fieguth (University of Kaiserslautern-Landau): Open System Control -  An Insight into dissipative mechanisms
Sian Barbosa (University of Kaiserslautern-Landau): Tuning anomalous diffusion of ultracold Fermi gases in time-dependent disorder from localization to superdiffusion through Fermi acceleration
Christian Groß (University of Tübingen): Programmable quantum spin models with Rydberg arrays
Flavia Braga Ramos (Student only talk): Transmission about single impurity from non-equilibrium dynamics
Lab tours for students: Ott and Widera labs
16. - 17.11.2022 Bonn
Katharina Gillen (Cal. State Pol. Univ.): Cold atom research at Cal Poly SLO
Walter Hofstetter (Univ. Frankfurt): Correlated Topological Quantum States in Ultracold Atoms
Ameneh Sheikhan (University of Bonn): Floquet-engineered pair and single-particle filters in the Fermi-Hubbard model
Moritz Breyer (Student only talk): Machine-learning the phase diagram of a strongly interacting Fermi-gas
Lab tours for students: Hofferberth, Köhl, Linden and Weitz labs
03. - 04.11.2021 Bonn
David Luitz (Dresden): Dissipation effects in quantum many-body systems
Hamid Ohadi (St. Andrews): Exciton-polaritons: from the many to the few
Christina Jörg (Penn State): Topology in 3D photonic crystals – Weyl points and bound states in
the continuum
Lab tours for students: Hofferberth, Linden, Stellmer labs
21. - 22.06.2021 Online
Jeff Steinhauer (Technion): Spontaneous Hawking radiation and beyond: Observing the time evolution of an analogue black hole
Ana Maria Rey (JILA, NIST): Advances in quantum simulation and sensing with planar ion crystals
23. - 24.11.2020 Online
Leticia Tarruell (ICFO): Engineering interactions and density-dependent gauge fields in coherently-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates
Nigel Cooper (Cambridge): Fragility of Time Reversal Symmetry-Protected Topological Phases
Sebastian Hofferberth (Bonn): Nonlinear Quantum Optics
02. - 03.07.2020 Online
Andrea Alberti (Uni Bonn): Ramsey interferometry: the Swiss Army knife of the atomic physicist
Julian Schmitt (Uni Bonn): Thermodynamics of Two-dimensional Bose Gases
Enrico Stein (Kaiserslautern): Dimensional crossover in photon BECs
Benjamin Nagler (Kaiserslautern): Dissipative dynamics of bosons in a dynamic disorder potential
20. - 21.11.2019 Kaiserslautern
Poster presentations from all OSCAR projects
Fabrice Gerbier (Paris): Anomalous loss of coherence of strongly interacting bosons in optical lattices
Giovanni Modugno (LENS, Florence): Exploring the supersolid phase of matter with dipolar quantum gases
17. -  18.06.2019 Bonn
Short presentations from all OSCAR projects
21. - 22.11.2018 Kaiserslautern
Michael Fleischhauer (Kaiserslautern) Lecture: Introduction to open systems
Sebastian Eggert (Kaiserslautern) Lecture: Floquet theory for quantum systems
Axel Pelster (Kaiserslautern): On the "Dirty Boson" problem
02. - 03.07.2018 Bonn
Sebastian Diehl (Univ. Cologne): Quantum systems under drive: from micro- to macrophysics
Simon Stellmer (Univ. Bonn): From baryogenesis to telecommunication networks: a newly established quantum metrology group in Bonn
Martin Zwierlein (MIT): Quantum transport in strongly interacting Fermi gases
Structure discussions
18.11.2017 Kaiserslautern
Martin Holthaus (Univ. Oldenburg) Lecture: Introduction to the Floquet Picture
Christof Weitenberg (Univ. Hamburg): Topology and dynamics in driven hexagonal lattices
Dimitry Abanin (Univ. Geneva): Many-body effects and new phases in Floquet systems
Student working groups:
Floquet systems (Christoph Dauer)
How can students profit from OSCAR? (Lukas Wawer)
23.05.2017 Bonn
Leonardo Fallani (LENS, Florence): Ultracold gas experiments
Charles Bardyn (Univ. Geneva): Topological protection in open systems
Felix van Oppen (FU Berlin): Topological phases, superconductors and Majorana fermions
Lab Tour in Bonn
22. - 23.11.2016 Kaiserslautern
Tobias Donner (ETH, Zurich): Quantum Crystals of Light and Matter
Michael Köhl (Uni Bonn): Ultracold Fermions in Optical Lattices
Miguel Martin-Delgado (Univ. Madrid): Modern Aspects of Quantum Physics and Topology
Lecture: Theory of open systems (Michael Fleischhauer)
Working groups:
Digital light modulators (Herwig Ott)
Floquet theory for open systems (James Anglin)