International Conference of the Collaborative Research Center SFB/TR 185 "OSCAR": Open System Control of Atomic and Photonic Matter

Registration now open (Deadline March 15th 2022)!

The international conference organized by the SFB/TR 185 "OSCAR" will take place from 12-16 June 2022 at the Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef near Bonn in Germany (see the webpage of the Physikzentrum for details on the travel). 
The aim of this meeting is to bring together theoretical and experimental experts on the field of open quantum systems from different experimental platforms e.g. ultracold quantum gases, optical cavities, photon BECs.
We expect the pandemic situation to be so far under control in early summer 2022 to meet in person. This might be adapted to the further development.
Please do not make any reservations or bookings for travels, we will not be able to refund any costs in case we have to switch to an online/hybrid format.

The opportunity of invited talks will be given to excellent younger researchers selected from the contribution.

- Corinna Kollath (University of Bonn)
- Imke Schneider (TU Kaiserslautern)
- Sebastian Hofferberth (University of Bonn)