Students-only talks

Initiated by the student repesentatives, the CRC organizes a series of Student-only talks, open to PhD students and postdocs only. As a PhD student or postdoc you can visit the partner institution and present your research work in an informal talk to your student colleagues. This is complemented by visits of other research groups and labs, as well as discussions with other students in a releaxed athmosphere.
Name (Institution)
Title of talk
Due to travel restrictions during the Corona pandemic student-only talks have been temporarily suspended.
Jennifer Koch (TUK)
12. - 13.12.2019 Bonn

Ultracold fermionic quantum gases in disordered potentials

Tim Lappe (BN)
09. - 10.12.2019 Kaiserslautern

Slave-particle model of photon condensation

Lok-Yee Yan (BN)
02. - 03.12.2019 Kaiserslautern

Coupling of quantum emitters to plasmonic modes

Christoph Dauer (TUK)
28. - 29.11.2019 Bonn

Floquet engineering of Feshbach resonances

Michael Kajan, Marvin Lenk (BN)
04. - 05.11.2019 Kaiserslautern

Slave particles and the non-crossing approximation

Christian Baals (TUK)
11. - 12.07.2019 (Bonn)

A coherent perfect absorber for matter waves

Tim Lappe (BN)
01. - 02.07.2019 Kaiserslautern

Fluctuation dynamics of a photon Bose-Einstein condensate

Enrico Stein (TUK)
31.01. - 01.02.2019 Bonn

Semiclassical mean-field equations for photon Bose-Einstein condensates

Christopher Mink (TUK)
04. - 05.07.2019 Bonn

Dynamics and bistability of a 1D lattice of coupled Bose-Einstein condensates with a local loss

Julian Schulz (TUK)
10. - 11.01.2019 Bonn

Investigation of the next-nearest-neighbor-coupling in evanescently coupled dielectric waveguides fabricated via direct laser writing

Roberto Röll, David Helten (BN)

21. - 22.01.2019 Kaiserslautern

Bose-Einstein condensation of Erbium

Max Kiefer (TUK)
11. - 12.10.2018 Bonn

Anderson and many-body-localization

Erik Busley, Christian Kurtscheid (BN)
17. - 18.12.2018 Kaiserslautern

Photon BEC and creation of arbitrary trapping potentials for light