If you are interested in contacting our alumni, please send an email to: 
Dr. Jean-Sebastien Bernier
Dr. Jean-Sebastien BernierAssistant Professor, PhD & MSc (University of Toronto), BEng (Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal), Kanada
Dr. Tim Bode
Dr. Tim BodePostdoctoral Researcher, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Dr. Ralf Bürkle
Dr. Ralf BürklePhysiker für Systemdesign und Simulation optischer Systeme
Dr. Benjamin GängerStudy Manager, Department of Physics, TU Kaiserslautern
Dr. Marcell Gall
Dr. Marcell GallSystems Engineer, OHB System AG, Oberpfaffenhofen
Dr. José Gallego
Dr. José GallegoEngineer at Neuralink
Dr. Christina Jörg
Dr. Christina JörgPostdoc, Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Johannes KombePostdoc, University of Strathclyde
Dr. Fabian Letscher
Dr. Fabian LetscherSystem Engineer Carl-Zeiss SMT GmbH
Dr. Tobias Lausch
Dr. Tobias LauschtrinamiX GmbH
Dr. Dominik Linzner
Dr. Dominik LinznerMachine Learning Engineer
Dr. Tobias Macha
Dr. Tobias MachaDevelopment Engineer Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen
Dipl.-Phys. Polina Mateeva
Dipl.-Phys. Polina MateevaPhD student, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel
Dr. Matthias Moos
Dr. Matthias MoosSoftware developer, andrena objects ag, Karlsruhe
Dr. Benjamin Nagler
Dr. Benjamin NaglerEntwicklungsingenieur, trinamiX GmbH
Dr. Manuel Peter
Dr. Manuel PeterPolicy Officer for the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Dr. Lothar Ratschbacher
Dr. Lothar RatschbacherSenior Scientist Silicon Austria Labs GmbH
Dr. Carsten Robens
Dr. Carsten RobensResearch Fellow, Center for Ultracold Atoms, MIT, USA
Dr. Muhammad Sajid
Dr. Muhammad SajidAssistant Professor Kohat University of Science and Technology Pakistan
Dr. Oliver Thomas
Dr. Oliver ThomasSystem Developer, Linux for Embedded Systems
Dr. Christian Wahl
Dr. Christian Wahl PostDoc, U Bonn
Dr. Stefan Wolff
Dr. Stefan WolffMachine Learning Engineer, WetterOnline, Bonn