The integrated young reseacher training program i-OSCAR has been established in order to guarantee education of the highest quality standards for the doctoral students and early postdocs involved in the research field of OSCAR. It offers training modules, supervision elements and soft skill courses.

We especially established measures which are tailored to the needs arising from the two distant locations:

In intensive weeks a selected topic from the SFB is presented in a mixture of lectures, talks and practical training. The compact format makes this attractive for all SFB students, as travel is greatly simplified.

In OSCAR students talks one or two students from one location travel to the partner university and give a seminar talk for students only. This is combined with discussion rounds and lab visitis, strengthening the connection between the places.

Last but not least, each student is assigned a mentoring team, where in the ideal case one of the mentors comes from the corresponding partner university. The mentoring team meets at least once a year with the student to discuss his research, but also future plans and guides him or her to a successful PhD defense.