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Research Interests

Our group is somewhat inappropriately named because the focus of our work has changed over the past years away from semiconductors mainly toward (ferromagnetic) metals and recently also half metals. We use a general dynamical approach that has been developed largely in the context of semiconductor theory, but we are also interested in method development. Current areas of interest are:

  • Many-particle theory of interacting electrons in semiconductor nanostructures and metallic clusters
  • Spin-dependent dynamics in semiconductors and ferromagnets
  • Spin-dependent transport

Recent published papers

  • Self-amplified photo-induced gap quenching in a correlated electron material
    S. Mathias, S. Eich, J. Urbancic, S. Michael, A. V. Carr, S. Emmerich, A. Stange, T. Popmintchev, T. Rohwer, M. Wiesenmayer, A. Ruffing, S. Jakobs, S. Hellmann, P. Matyba, C. Chen, L. Kipp, M. Bauer, H. C. Kapteyn, H. C. Schneider, K. Rossnagel, M. M. Murnane & M. Aeschlimann
    Nature Communications 7, 12902 (2016) (link)
  • Boltzmann transport calculation for collinear spin transport on short timescales
    D. M. Nenno, S. Kaltenborn and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 94, 115102 (2016) (link)
  • Mid-Infrared Quantum-Dot Quantum Cascade Laser: A Theoretical Feasibility Study
    S. Michael , W. W. Chow and H. C. Schneider
    Photonics 3, 29 (2016) (link)
  • Re-examination of the Elliott-Yafet spin-relaxation mechanism
    A. Baral, S. Vollmar, S. Kaltenborn and H. C. Schneider
    New Journal of Physics 18, 023012 (2016) (link)
  • Plasma resonance of binary amorphous and crystalline Al-transition metal alloys: Experiments and ab initio calculations
    M. Stiehler, S. Kaltenborn, S. S. A. Gillani, P. Pudwell, H. C. Schneider, and P. Häussler
    Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 202, 102 (2015) (link)
  • Inelastic electron lifetimes in simple metals: Influence of spin-orbit coupling
    S. Kaltenborn and H. C. Schneider
    phys. stat. sol-Rapid Research Letters 9, 436 (2015) (link)
  • Magnetic switching dynamics due to ultrafast exchange scattering: A model study
    A. Baral and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 91, 100402(R) (2015) (link)
  • Spin-orbit coupling effects on spin-dependent inelastic electronic lifetimes in ferromagnets
    S. Kaltenborn and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 90, 201104(R) (2014) (link)
  • Magnetization dynamics and damping due to electron-phonon scattering in a ferrimagnetic exchange model
    A. Baral and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 90, 014427 (2014) (link)
  • Microscopic model for intersubband gain from electrically pumped quantum-dot structures
    S. Michael, W. W. Chow, and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 90, 165302 (2014) (link)
  • Spin-dependent lifetimes and nondegenerate spin-orbit driven hybridization points in Heusler compounds
    S. Kaltenborn and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 89, 115127 (2014) (link)
  • Group-velocity slowdown in quantum dots and quantum-dot molecules
    S. Michael, W. W. Chow, and H. C. Schneider
    Proc. SPIE 8980, Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices XXII, 89801I (2014) (link)
  • Feedback effect during ultrafast demagnetization dynamics in ferromagnets
    B. Müller, A. Baral, S. Vollmar, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann, H. C. Schneider, B. Rethfeld
    Physical Review Letters 111, 167204 (2013) (link)
  • Ultrafast electron dynamics in a metallic quantum well nanofilm with spin splitting
    A. Ruffing, S. Vollmar, S. Jakobs, S. Kaltenborn, A. Baral, M. Cinchetti, S. Mathias, H. C. Schneider, and M. Aeschlimann
    Physical Review B 88, 075148 (2013) (link)
  • Group-velocity slowdown in an Asymmetric Quantum-Dot Molecule
    S. Michael, W. W. Chow and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 88, 125305 (2013) (link)
  • Plasmon dispersions in simple metals and Heusler compounds
    S. Kaltenborn and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 88, 045124 (2013) (link)
  • Wave-diffusion theory of spin transport in metals after ultrashort-pulse excitation
    S. Kaltenborn, Y.-H. Zhu, and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 85, 235101 (2012) (link)
  • Electron-phonon scattering dynamics in ferromagnets on ultrafast timescales: Influence of the phonon temperature
    S. Essert and H. C. Schneider
    Journal of Applied Physics 111, 07C514 (2012) (link)
  • Electron-phonon scattering dynamics in ferromagnetic metals and their influence on ultrafast demagnetization processes
    S. Essert and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B 84, 224405 (2011) (link)
  • Optical detection of spin transport in non-magnetic metals
    F. Fohr, S. Kaltenborn, J. Hamrle, H. Schultheiß, A. A. Serga, H. C. Schneider, and B. Hillebrands, Y. Fukuma, L. Wan, and Y. Otani
    Physical Review Letters 106, 226601 (2011) (link)
  • Optical absorption spectra of finite systems from a conserving Bethe-Salpeter equation approach
    G. Pal, Y. Pavlyukh, W. Hübner, and H. C. Schneider
    European Physical Journal B 79, 327 (2011) (link)
  • Optical response of small closed-shell sodium clusters
    G. Pal, G. Lefkidis, H. C. Schneider, and W. Hübner
    Journal of Chemical Physics 133, 154209 (2010) (link)
  • Band-structure dependent demagnetization in the Heusler alloy Co2Mn1-xFexSi
    D. Steil, S. Alebrand, T. Roth, M. Krauß, T. Kubota, M. Ooogae, Y. Ando, H. C. Schneider, M. Aeschlimann, and M. Cinchetti
    Physical Review Letters 105, 217202 (2010)
  • Ultrafast spin dynamics in optically excited bulk GaAs at low temperatures
    M. Krauss and H. C. Schneider, R. Bratschitsch, Z. Chen, and S. T. Cundiff
    Physical Review B, 81, 035213 (2010) (link)
  • Electronic Dynamics due to Exchange Interaction with holes in GaAs
    H. C. Schneider and M. Krauß
    SPIE Proceedings, vol. 7600 (2010) (see arXiv contribution for electronic version)
  • Ultrafast demagnetization of ferromagnetic transition metals: the role of the Coulomb interaction
    M. Krauss, T. Roth, S. Alebrand, D. Steil, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann, and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B, 80, 180407 (2009) (link)
  • Electron spin relaxation in n-type InAs quantum wires
    C. Lü, H. C. Schneider, and M. W. Wu
    Journal of Applied Physics, 106, 073703 (2009) (link)
  • Conserving quasiparticle calculations for small metal clusters
    G. Pal, Y. Pavlyukh, H. C. Schneider, and W. Hübner
    European Physical Journal B, 70, 483 (2009) (link)
  • Spin-signal propagation in time-dependent noncollinear spin transport
    Y.-H. Zhu, B. Hillebrands, and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B, 79, 214412 (2009) (link)
  • Signal propagation in time-dependent spin transport
    Y.-H. Zhu, B. Hillebrands, and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review B, 78, 054429 (2008) (link)
  • Ultrafast spin dynamics including spin-orbit interation in semiconductors
    M. Krauss, M. Aeschlimann, and H. C. Schneider
    Physical Review Letters, 100, 256601 (2008) (link)

A comprehensive publication list can be found on the Researcher ID web page. (Note the "Sort by: Publication Year" button to the top right of that page.)

Theses (available upon request)

  • Mikroskopische Elektron-Phonon-Streuung in ferromagnetischen Übergangsmetallen und ihre Bedeutung für ultraschnelle Demagnetisierungsprozesse (S. Essert's Diplom thesis, in German)
  • Theory of Semiconductor Quantum-Dot Systems: Applications to slow light and laser gain materials (S. Michael's Ph.D. thesis)
  • Theoretical Models for the description of spin-dependent carrier dynamics in metals and semiconductors(M. Krauß's Ph.D. thesis)
  • Theory of Signal Propagation in Time-Dependent Spin Transport (Y. H. Zhu's PhD thesis)
  • Microscopic Theory of Spin Dynamics in GaAs (M. Krauß's Diplomarbeit)
  • Quasiparticle properties of finite systems: A conserving GW approach (G. Pal's PhD thesis)
  • Beiträge zur Theorie von Quantenkohärenzphänomenen in Halbleiter-Quantenpunkten (S. Michael's Diplomarbeit, in German)
  • Beiträge zur Theorie der Spinrelaxation in p-dotierten Halbleitern (K. Hiebbner's Diplomarbeit, in German)