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Welcome to the magnetism group!



Best Poster Award at ICM 2018, San Francisco
Our PhD student Michael Schneider was awarded for the best poster at the 21st international conference in magnetism in San Francisco entitled "Bose-Einstein-Condensation of Magnons by Rapid Cooling"


Our group is currently looking for PhD students to work on the projects Spectroscopy of Skyrmions by Brillouin Light Scattering and Investigation of hybrid spin-wave computing elements by Brillouin Light Scattering.


More than 80 scientists from different disciplines to include physics, engineering and material science descended upon Kaiserslautern between May 28-30 for a high caliber conference of the theme “New Concept Spintronic Devices “. [more]


Our group takes part in the SPP2137 Skyrmionics. AG Magnetismus will explore thermal and externally driven skyrmion excitations by Brillouin Light Scattering Spectroscopy. In the frame of the Project, AG Magnetismus has an open PhD position. Interested candidates are welcome to contact the principle investigators Dr. Philipp Pirro and Dr. Thomas Brächer.


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Recent Publications

Optical determination of the exchange stiffness constant in an iron garnet
K. Matsumoto, T. Brächer, P. Pirro, D. Bozhko, T. Fischer, M. Geilen, F. Heussner, T. Meyer, B. Hillebrands, T. Satoh
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 57, 070308(2018)

Temperature dependent relaxation of dipole-exchange magnons in yttrium iron garnet films
L. Mihalceanu, V. I. Vasyuchka, D. A. Bozhko, T. Langner, A. Yu. Nechiporuk, V. F. Romanyuk, B. Hillebrands, A. A. Serga
Phys. Rev. B 97 214405 (2018)

Spin Seebeck effect and ballistic transport of quasi-acoustic magnons in room-temperature yttrium iron garnet films
T. Noack, H. Yu. Musiienko-Shmarova, T. Langner, F. Heussner, V. Lauer, B. Heinz, D. A. Bozhko, V. I. Vasyuchka, A. Pomyalov, V. S. L'vov, B. Hillebrands, A. A. Serga
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 51 234003 (2018)

More Publications