University of Zaragoza

Physical Measurements Service
SAI – University of Zaragoza

Equipment :

2x SQUID Magnetometers, Quantum Design MPMS-5S, MPMS-XL5                                                                     AC, DC, RSO, Horizontal Sample Rotator, Pressure Cell
Fiber Optic Sample Holder (FOSH)

2 x QD PPMS(Physical Properties Measurement System), 9T and 14T, with                                                   ACMS (Extraction magnetometer)
VSM (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer)
Oven VSM
TTO (Thermal Transport)
ACT (AC resistivity Transport measurements; He-3 compatible)
HC (Heat Capacity; He-3 compatible)
DC Resistivity (He-3 compatible)
AFM-MFM (Atomic and Magnetic Force Microscopy)
He-3 (optional; allows temperature operation down to 0.35 K)
XacTransversal (Susceptibility transverse to H)
Pressure Cell PPMS (DC Resistivity measurements; He-3 non-compatible) con He-3)

Kerr Effect magnetometer and microscope NanoMOKE3
AC permeameter

Contact :
Dr. Ana Arauzo

Website :

Expertise :
The Physical Measurements Service (“Servicio de medidas físicas – SMF”), is integrated in the “Servicio General de Apoyo a la Investigación” of the University of Zaragoza. The Physical Measurements Service provides the magnetic, electric and thermal characterization of materials, in a wide temperature and magnetic field range. The service is open to Scientists from the University of Zaragoza, other Universities and other Research Institutions and to National and International Companies.