The European MagNetometry Network aims to build a European community in the field of magnetometry in order to :

  • Intensify scientific and technical exchanges between magnetometer users
  • chair, maintain and improve knowledge, know-how and good practices
  • insure a good technological watch and coordinate new technical developments
  • favor the accessibility of magnetometry platforms to any academic institution and company
  • teach and train young scientists and engineers
  • popularize magnetometry in the whole scientific community and the general public
  • perform measurement and R&D services
  • promote R&D collaborations gouvernemental institutions and companies of the field

The present website shows the various activities, scientific and technical publications, training sessions, conferences, job offers, and R&D services of our magnetometry community. It also presents the diverse magnetometry measurement techniques, as well as some usage examples.  In addition, network members can access to technical information shared by other members, and to forums dedicated to the various aspects of magnetometry. Here, members share technical problems and questions, new discoveries, or good practices.

Last updated on 09/06/2017