Technische Universitat Darmstadt – Darmstadt, Germany

Technische Universitat Darmstadt (TUD)

Equipment :
1 SQUID MPMS XL with oven option, and AC susceptibility option
2 PPMS VSM, ACMS susceptometers, Measurement of electrical resistance, magnetoresistance, Hall effect, TTO, HMD pressure cell,
1 AFM/MFM for PPMS (attocube)
1 LakeShore VSM with oven, vector coils and automated angular rotation
1 Magneto-optical Kerr magnetometer
1 METIS Pulsed magnetometer
1 Magnetic Hyperthermia Research System
1 Superconducting Magnet System (Oxford Instruments)

Contact :
Konstantin Skokov

Marton Major

Website :

Expertise :
The magnetometry platform at TU Darmstadt is specialist of magnetic characterization of thin films (from millimeter thick down one atomic layer thin), and is very used to bulk materials and powders (including magnetic nanoparticles). Research activities are mainly devoted to the growth, characterization and functionalizing of innovating magnetic materials, micro and nanomagnetism, spintronic, magnetization switching under polarized light, magnetography.