Project Group IWKS – Fraunhofer – Hanau, Germany

Project Group IWKS – Fraunhofer

Equipment :
PPMS-VSM with large bore inset, 14 T, pressure cell, MFM
Perma-Remagraph for large samples (up to 200°C)
KERR-microscope (Hallbach-array 1.2 T, rotated electro-magnet, temperature stages (4 K – 870 K))
Pilot plant for recycling & processing of rare earth permanent magnets in kg-regime

Contact :
Konrad Güth

Website :

Expertise :
The competency of the Fraunhofer-Project Group IWKS is the recycling & processing of rare earth materials e.g. Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets on pilot scale. This includes the hydrogen decrepitation process of scrap Nd-Fe-B material, treatment and tuning the powder particles by jet-milling followed by pressing, aligning and sintering. Another way of recycling & processing of the magnetic material can be offered by the metallurgy route (strip-casting up to 50 kg) and melt-spinning. Combined with group of Prof. Gutfleisch at the TU Darmstadt, both institutions offered together basic studies up to applied and industrial research for permanent magnets.