High Field Magnetic Laboratory – Nijmegen, Netherlands

Radboud University
European Magnetic Field Laboratory
High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML)

Equipment :
Vibrating sample magnetometry
AC magnetic susceptibility
Magneto-optical spectroscopy
Torque magnetometry
Ultrafast femtosecond spectroscopy

Contact :
Martin van Breukelen

Website :

Expertise :
The High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML) in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) is committed to generate the highest available continuous magnetic fields. HFML is a Dutch large European research infrastructure. It has a strong in-house research program and is open for external researchers. It is jointly operated by the Radboud University Nijmegen (RU) and the Institutes Organisation of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

The HFML is one of only four user facilities in the world delivering continuous magnetic fields above 35 Tesla. It has a world-class magnet development program with a world-record 37.5 T Bitter magnet and a 45 T hybrid magnet under construction.

The local research interests are:

Magnet technology
Soft condensed matter and nano-materials
Strongly correlated electron systems
Semiconductors and nano-systems
THz spectroscopy in high magnetic fields