INESC-MC – Lisboa


VSM with oven up to 500ºC Wafer magneto-transport (RT, max 20 mT in plane, 200mm diameter wafers)
Magneto-transport (up to 300ºC, max 200 mT in plane/out-plane, rotation)
Magneto-transport (up to 300ºC, max 15 mT in plane/out-plane)
Surface scanner with MR probes (Eddy currents, magnetic field mapping, current mapping)
Noise characterization under ultralow fields (pTesla)

Susana Cardoso Freitas

Paulo J.P.Freitas


Expertise :
MINESC-MN has a consolidated expertise in thin film deposition and microfabrication of magnetic sensor structures, and their characterization. We support activities related on magnetic and transport characterization, high frequency noise and magnetic probing at wafer level, including surface scanning. The laboratory is equipped with a high number of deposition tools for magnetic thin films and several experimental set-ups, homemade and industrial, enabling the characterization of laboratory samples and wafer-level devices.