Condensed Matter Physics Department, Jožef Stefan Institute – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Condensed Matter Physics Department
Jožef Stefan Institute

Equipment :

• MPMS3 SQUID magnetometer 7T (oven to 1000 K, AC, low fields)

• PPMS 9T (3He cryostat to 0.35 K, specific heat, electrical resistivity & magnetoresistance, Hall, thermal transport – TTO)

• access to an MPMS-XL 5T

Contact :
Primož Koželj

Janez Dolinšek

Website :

Expertise :

The main research interest of the group (Prof. Dr. J. Dolinšek) are the physics of non-standard and newly-developed metallic materials (high-entropy alloys, complex metallic alloys, quasicrystals, etc.). We are also happy to cooperate with colleagues (local or abroad) on other topics related to magnetic and physical properties of materials.