Coatings and Paints

Magnetic inks

Magnetic inks add to classical inks the possibility to write, storage, and read magnetic information; being employed in electronic bank processing equipment.  CNR – ASTER has investigated, in collaboration with an industrial partner, the morphological and magnetometric  properties  of  the intermediate powders during the processing of these inks and the properties of the final magnetic products.

Magneto-graphic NIPSON printers

Magneto-graphic NIPSON printers

Magnetic Printing Technology

Université de Lorraine and NIPSON Technology SAS opened in 2017 a joint-laboratory dedicated to the development of magnetic media, innovative magnetic components and innovative characterization processes of magnetic printing digital presses. The joint-laboratory perform R&D works on magnetic materials growth methods, on magnetometry of magnetic media and writing fields, microscopic and macroscopic simulations of magnetic processes to optimize printer design.

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