Hprobe New Year 2018 News

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Hprobe New Year 2018 News

Hprobe is a spin-off from SPINTEC, created by Jean-Pierre Nozières, Laurent Lebrun and Siamak Salimy.

Hprobe delivers its first Wafer Automated Field Test Machine (ATE) using a patented 3D field generator mounted on a standard prober. This ultra fast scanning generator produces a field of 350mT in planar and 500mT in perpendicular. It is therefore the ideal automated test tool for characterizing and testing the MTJs of MRAMs.

The 3D function also allows it to produce a rotating magnetic field with a variable frequency – up to 100 Hz – which is particularly interesting for the measurement and characterization of TMR sensors. To facilitate the characterization of circuits in development, a manual tester is proposed – at the chip level – which integrates the same 3D magnetic field generator.

In addition to the Automatic and Manual Testers, a perpendicular magnetic field generator – up to 2 Tesla – for the initialization of Magnetic Tunneling Junctions (MTJ), will soon be available.

A MOKE equipment to perform very fast mapping of ferromagnetic layers deposited on wafer is being developed. This MOKE will be implanted on the same probers to minimize the Wafer test time.

For more details about our testers: