Department of Physics

Seminars and lectures in summer semester 2022

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25.04.202216:0046/270apl. Prof. Dr. Erwin Peiner,
TU Braunschweig - connected
Nanowire arrays for energy harvesting and storagePhysical Colloquium
28.04.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
02.05.202216:0046/270Prof. Dr. Jean Dalibard,
École Normale & Collège de France
Quantum gases in low dimension: from scale invariance to Quantum Hall physicsPhysical Colloquium
05.05.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium

Prof. James Anglin, Ph.D., TUK

presenting projects of the group: MicrothermodynamicsPhysical Colloquium
12.05.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
16.05.202216:0046/270Prof. Dr. Jutta Kunz-Drolshagen,
Universität Oldenburg
Black HolesPhysical Colloquium
19.05.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
23.05.202217:1552/207Joint lecture with the department of Biology, Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfeffer, ZMBH, Universität HeidelbergStructural insights into key steps of bacterial ribosome-associated quality controlBiological Physical Colloquium
30.05.202216:0046/270Prof. Stefano Bonetti,
Stockholm University and
Ca'Foscary, University of Venice
Inertial spin dynamics in ferromagnetsPhysical Colloquium
02.06.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
09.06.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
13.06.202216:0046/270Prof. Dr. Markus Ternes,
RWTH Aachen
From excitations of individual atomic and molecular spins to topological quasiparticle excitations in a Kondo latticePhysical Colloquium
20.06.202216:0046/270Prof. Sebastian Loth,
Institute for Functional Matter and Quantum Technologies,
University of Stuttgart
Spin dynamics in atomically controlled magnetsPhysical Colloquium
23.06.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
27.06.202216:0046/270Prof. Dr. Christiane KochTraining Schrödinger´s Cat: Quantum Control in Molecular Physics and Quantum Information SciencePhysical Colloquium
30.06.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium


16:0046/270Prof. Dr. Matthias Neubert,
JGU Mainz
Flavor Anomalies and Lepton Non-UniversalityPhysical Colloquium
07.07.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
11.07.202216:0046/270Prof. Dr. Henning Fouckhardt,
TU Kaiserslautern
presenting projects of the group: "To wet or not to wet!"Physical Colloquium
14.07.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
18.07.202217:15 Joint lecture with the Department of Biology, Dr. Dirk Hüttenberger, Direktor F&E SYNVERDISNeue Wege in der Tumortherapie: Photodynamische Therapie, aus dem Labor in die klinische AnwendungBiological Physical Colloquium
21.07.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
22.07.202210:0046/387-388Armin Zach, CTO TOPTICA-Projects, Gräfeling/MünchenSodium Guide Star Laser – Erzeugung eines künstlichen Sterns in der Mesosphäre für astronomische Anwendungen und darüber hinausLaser- und Quantentoptikseminar
25.07.202216:0046/270Prof. Dr. Ermin Malic,
University of Marburg
Ultrafast exciton dynamics in atomically thin semiconductorsPhysical Colloquium
28.07.202216:0046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
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