Department of Physics

Seminars and lectures in winter semester 2022/23

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24.10.202217:1546/270Prof. Dr. H. Fouckhardt, TUKTo wet or not to wetPhysical Colloquium
27.10.202215:3046/576Prof. Dr. David Luitz, Universität Bonn- ausgefallen -Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
31.10.202217:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
03.11.202215:3046/576Prof. Dr. Carlos Sa De Melo Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
07.11.202217:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
10.11.202215:3046/576Prof. Dr. David Luitz, Universität BonnExceptional points in nonhermitian quantum many-body systemsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium
14.11.202217:1546/270Prof. Dr. M. Albrecht, Universität Augsburg


Ferrimagnetic Tb(Gd)-Fe based heterostructures: From THz emitters to skyrmions
Physical Colloquium
17.11.202215:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium

Joint lecture with the department of Biology

Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber, Universität Freiburg

Tracing spins in the blue-light response of animal and plant photoreceptor proteinsBiological Physical Colloquium
24.11.202215:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
28.11.202217:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
01.12.202215:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
05.12.202217:1546/270Prof. Bart van Wees, Universität GroningenTowards two-dimensional spin wave transport in ultrathin ferro and antiferromagnetic materialsPhysical Colloquium
08.12.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
12.12.202217:1546/270Prof. G. von Freymann, TUK

Terahertz quantum sensing

Physical Colloquium
15.12.202215:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
02.01.202317:1546/270  Physical Colloquium
05.01.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
09.01.202317:1546/270Dirk Grundler, EPFLObservation of on-chip spin-wave memoryPhysical Colloquium
12.01.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
16.01.202317:1546/270Dr. Florian Kaiser, LIST LuxemburgabgesagtPhysical Colloquium
19.01.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
23.01.202317:1546/270Prof. P. Maletinsky, Universität BaselQuantum sensing and imaging of magnetism on the nanoscalePhysical Colloquium
26.01.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
30.01.202317:15 Joint lecture with the Department of Biology, Edward Lemke, IMB & JGU MainzDecoding molecular plasticity in the dark proteomeBiological Physical Colloquium
02.02.202315:3046/576  Theoretical-Physical Colloquium
 10:0046/387-388  Laser- und Quantentoptikseminar
06.02.202317:1546/270Prof. Dr. Eva Blasco, Universität HeidelbergDesigning new functional polymers for 4D microprintingPhysical Colloquium

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Pereira,

Fed. Univ. of Rio Grande do Norte, IIP, Natal, Brasilien

From spin chains to non-Abelian chiral spin liquidsTheoretical-Physical Colloquium
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