Department of Physics

Physical Colloquium summer semester 2022

format: hybrid

mondays, 4 o´clock (pm) , presence in 46-270



25.04.2022apl. Prof. Dr. Erwin Peiner,
TU Braunschweig - connected
Nanowire arrays for energy harvesting and storageProf. Fouckhardt
02.05.2022Prof. Dr. Jean Dalibard,
École Normale & Collège de France

Quantum gases in low dimension: from scale invariance to Quantum Hall physics

Prof. Fleischhauer
09.05.2022Prof. James Anglin, Ph.D., TUKpresenting projects of the group: MicrothermodynamicsDekan
16.05.2022Prof. Dr. Jutta Kunz-Drolshagen,
Universität Oldenburg
Black HolesDr. Pelster
23.05.2022, 17:15, in 52/207Joint lecture with the Department of Biology, Prof. Dr. Stefan Pfeffer, ZMBH, Universität HeidelbergStructural insights into key steps of bacterial ribosome-associated quality controlJ. Herrmann (Biology)
30.05.2022Prof. Stefano Bonetti,
Stockholm University and
Ca'Foscary, University of Venice
Inertial spin dynamics in ferromagnetsProf. Hillebrands
06.06.2022WHIT MONDAY


13.06.2022Prof. Dr. Markus Ternes,
RWTH Aachen
From excitations of individual atomic and molecular spins to topological quasiparticle excitations in a Kondo latticeProf. Ziegler
20.06.2022Prof. Sebastian Loth,
Institute for Functional Matter and Quantum Technologies,
University of Stuttgart
Spin dynamics in atomically controlled magnetsProf. Aeschlimann
27.06.2022Prof. Dr. Christiane KochTraining Schrödinger´s Cat: Quantum Control in Molecular Physics and Quantum Information ScienceProf. Widera
04.07.2022Prof. Dr. Matthias Neubert,
JGU Mainz
Flavor Anomalies and Lepton Non-UniversalityProf. Fleischhauer
11.07.2022Prof. Dr. Henning Fouckhardt,
TU Kaiserslautern
presenting projects of the group: "To wet or not to wet!"
18.07.2022, 17:15, in 52/207Joint lecture with the
Department of Biology,
Dr. Dirk Hüttenberger, Direktor F&E SYNVERDIS
Neue Wege in der Tumortherapie: Photodynamische Therapie, aus dem Labor in die klinische AnwendungProf. Schünemann
25.07.2022Prof. Dr. Ermin Malic,
University of Marburg
Ultrafast exciton dynamics in atomically thin semiconductorsProf. Schneider

Prof. Dr. Henning Fouckhardt (E-Mail:   / Tel.: 0631 205 4145)
Secretary's office: Birgit Krupp (E-Mail:   / Tel.: 0631 205 4146)



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