Department of Physics


The fields of optical technologies/quantum optics and solid state physics/materials science play a central role in research at the physics department of TUK. In almost all working groups, optics serves either as an object of scientific interest or as a method of investigation. Fundamental research at the Department of Physics plays a major role and is intensively pursued by both experimental and theoretical working groups.

Theoretical physics in Kaiserslautern focuses on quantum optics and solid-state physics/multiparticle systems. Fundamental experimental physics revolves around ultra-short time physics with laser pulses (e.g. on the femtosecond time scale), coherent control of electronic states, magnetism, nanostructure physics and biophysics. Laser-assisted processes play a major role in fundamental research in the field of experimental and theoretical atomic and molecular physics.

Applied research in the field of physics covers many of the key topics of the 21st century. In experimental and applied physics, the main research areas are laser physics, integrated optics and optoelectronics, magnetism and magnetoelectronics, solid state physics, surface physics and materials science, as well as nano- and biophysics.

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