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Ion-Solid Interactions

Application of different secondary-ion and secondary-neutral mass spectrometers for the characterization of solid surfaces and thin-film systems. The images depict a 3-D analysis obtained by secondary-ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).

3-dimensional characterization of a vertical MOS transistor by secondary-ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)


Advancing of novel instrumental approaches. The schematic layout of a newly-developed secondary-neutral microprobe is shown below.

Schematic of a secondary-neutral mass spectrometer featuring a double-focusing magnetic mass spectrometer, a low-pressure plasma for postionization of sputtered neutral species, and a liquid-metal ion gun.

·         Methodological optimizations of these mass spectrometric techniques in terms of detection sensitivity, quantification and applicability. The graph illustrates the ultra-sensitive detection of nitrogen in silicon.

Improved detection of nitrogen in silicon by secondary-ion mass spectrometry. The N concentration on the axis of an Si crystal as a function of the distance from the top end.

The following graphs depict the results from a diffusion study using an isotope marker.

15N was implanted into a SixCyNz specimen that was then annealed at different temperatures. In SIMS depth profiling (left panel), 15N12C- ions were monitored at high mass resolution (right panel) in order to separate them from the 14N13C- ions resulting from the original sample constituents.

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