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Bruker MultiMode 2 AFM

The Bruker MultiMode is a scanning force microscope for the imaging of nanoscale structures and a roughness analysis of a surface. A sharp tip which is attached to a cantilever scans linewise the surface of a sample. By measuring the position of the reflection of a laser beam, which is focused on the end of the cantilever, using a photo-detector, the lateral and vertical deflection of the cantilever and therefore the force between the tip and the surface can be determined.

Sample specifications

The MultiMode can scan structures from the size of a few nm up to 200 µm laterally and 10 µm vertically for samples with a maximum diameter or rather length of 15 mm.

Various modes offer different information about the sample:

  • Contact Mode: imaging of the topography (fast)
  • Tapping Mode: imaging of the topography (gentle)
  • Non-contact Mode: imaging of the topography without striking the sample
  • Phase Imaging: imaging of adhesion and viscoelasticity
  • Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM): imaging of the magnetic force gradient distribution above the sample surface
  • Electric Froce Microscopy (EFM): imaging of the electric field gradient distribution above the sample surface
  • Surface Potential Microscopy: imaging of local surface potential gradient over the sample surface

System Setup

  • MultiMode 2 AFM Head
  • Poor vibrations due to direct positioning on building's foundation
  • Air conditioning in range of 20 - 25°C all over year
  • NanoScope IIIA Controller, Basic Extender
  • 15x top view microscope with VGA ocular digital camera
  • Windows XP with installed Nanoscope v6.14 R1 Software
  • Intel P4 HT 2.6 GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 60 GB SSD, Gbit Ethernet, ActiveDirectory
  • 2x 24" Full HD Displays
  • Remote usage and control from on-site workstations


Dr. Christine Müller-Renno



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