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Michael Hohmann
Telefon(0631) 205-5271
  • 2014
    • Michael Bauer, Philipp Pierre Franzreb, Nicolas Spethmann and Artur Widera
    • Note: Reliable low-vibration piezo-mechanical shutter
    • Rev. Sci. Instr. 85, 096101 (2014)
    • Abstract >>
    • We present a mechanical shutter based on a bending piezo-actuator. The shutter features an active aperture of about 2 mm, allowing for full extinction and lossless transmission of a beam. Acoustic noise and mechanical vibrations produced are very low and the shutter is outstandingly long-lived; a test device has undergone 20 × 106 cycles without breaking. A reflector makes the shutter capable of reliably interrupting a beam with at least 2 W of cw power at 780 nm. The shutter is well suited to create pulses as short as 16 ms, while pulse lengths down to 1 ms are possible. The rise and fall times are approximately 120 µs, with a delay of 2 ms. Jitter stays below 10 µs, while long-term drifts stay well below 500 µs.