Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Widera

Intensive Week - Laser Cooling

The intensive week will give an introduction to the field of laser cooling. For a whole week, morning lectures and seminars will be complemented by afternoon lab-work to investigate tools, apply methods and realize some of the phenomena that are discussed theoretically.


  • Laser sources in theory and experiment - we will construct a laser based on a new ultra-stable design. Furthermore we will experimentally compare the laser properties of various designs
  • Laser spectroscopy and locking schemes in theory and experiment - we will setup and compare .
  • Laser cooling - we will experimentally realize an ultra cold sample of matter in a magneto-optical trap.
  • We will discuss the foundations of selected laser cooling schemes, based on, for example, Raman sideband transitions or electro-magnetically induced transparency.

Technical Information

DurationOctober 17th - October 21st 2016

46-576 and AG Ott Labs

LecturersM. Fleischhauer, H. Ott, A. Pelster, A. Widera
Group size Targeted 10...12 participants
Target groupStudents with experience in atomic physics and quantum mechanics lectures
Application endsextended - Sep 25.
Application statusWill be communicated September 26th
Kick-off meetingwill be announced


Groups of 2 to 3 students will investigate one of the following topics in a laboratory project and present in our final meeting during the last day of the week:

  1. Laser sources and design - including theoretically considerations for laser design (Seminar talk) and experimental construction of a laser based on a novel, stable laser design
  2. Laser properties and applications to precision physics - including comparison of two work-horse laser designs for quantum optical applications
  3. Laser spectroscopy techniques - including discussion and comparison of various methods to probe the atomic level structure by laser radiation in theory (Seminar talk) and experiment
  4. Laser cooling - including theoretical background (Seminar talk) and experimental realization in a magneto-optical trap
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