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Group Seminar SS 2017, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

24.04.2017 WACOM Tablet Presentation
02.05.2017 Jerome Meiser Effect of impurities on the martensite transformation in Fe
16.05.2017 Christian Mücksch Interaction of the acetylcholine receptor with ethanol
23.05.2017 Iyad Alhafez Plastic zone in scratching
30.05.2017 Maureen L. Nietiadi Water empanadas
06.06.2017 Philipp Umstätter Cluster collisions: Morse potential
13.06.2017 Christian Anders Where is Sulphur in Europa?
20.06.2017 Vardan Vardanyan Structure of the Al/Si interface
27.06.2017 Marjan A. Nejad Cisplatin in silica nanopores
04.07.2017 Andreas Mutter Phonons in MD
11.07.2017 Zhibo Zhang Cutting of Al/Si composites

Group Seminar WS 2016/2017, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

22.11.2016 Zhibo Zhang Machining the Al/Si interface
29.11.2016 Philipp Umstätter Physics of galaxies
13.12.2016 Marjan Ahmadi Targeted drug delivery
20.12.2016 Andreas Mutter Magnetism at Fe grain boundaries
10.01.2017 Iyad Alhafez Machining with adhesive tips
17.01.2017 Jerome Meiser Phase transformation of iron alloys: Free-energy calculations for dilute impurities
24.01.2017 Christian Anders Interaction of Jovian magnetospheric ions with ice surfaces
31.01.2017 Maureen L. Nietiadi Grain collisions

Group Seminar SS 2016, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

19.04.2016 Iyad Alhafez Influence of tip geometry on nanocutting
26.04.2016 Christian Mücksch Streptavidin adsorption on rutile and graphite
31.05.2016 Jerome Meiser The martensite transformation of iron: orientation relationships
07.06.2016 Zhibo Zhang Cutting of Al/Si composites
14.06.2016 Christian Anders and Martin Mainitz Ion irradiation of ices
28.06.2016 . /.
05.07.2016 Marjan Ahmadi Insulin adsorption on silica
12.07.2016 Andreas Mutter Magnetic moments in molecular dynamics
19.07.2016 Maureen L. Nietiadi Sputtering of membranes and mixtures

Group Seminar WS 2015/2016, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

27.10.2015 Martin Mainitz Irradiation of cosmic ice grains
27.10.2015 Marjan Ahmadi PET imaging
03.11.2015 Christian Mücksch Accelerated Steered Molecular Dynamics
24.11.2015 Christian Anders Cluster Impact on Au Foams
01.12.2015 Nina Gunkelmann Shock-Induced Phase Transformations
08.12.2015 Andreas Mutter Bond valence model
12.01.2016 Zhibo Zhang Nanoindentation of an Al/Si Interface
19.01.2016 Jerome Meiser tba
02.02.2016 Iyad Alhafez Nanocutting
09.02.2016 Yu Gao tba

Group Seminar WS 2014/2015, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/388

04.11.2014 Riser Fahdiran Laser irradiation of nanospheres
11.11.2014 Maureen L. Nietiadi Ion impact on graphene
18.11.2014 Christian Anders Chemistry in ion irradiated ices
25.11.2014 Nina Gunkelmann Shocks and recovery in iron
02.12.2014 Zhibo Zhang Nanomachining of Al and of SiC
13.01.2015 Emilia Sak-Saracino alpha-gamma transformation of Fe_xNi_1-x
20.01.2015 Christian Mücksch Does hydrocarbon contamination on graphite affect protein adsorption?
27.01.2015 Jan Janßen C in Fe grain boundaries
03.02.2015 Iyad Alhafez Dislocations in Ti
10.02.2015 Yu Gao Hall-Petch effect in nano-crystalline Fe

Group Seminar SS 2014, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

29.04.2014 Riser Fahdiran Diffraction profiles from molecular dynamics
13.05.2014 Christian Mücksch Molecular Dynamics on GPUs
20.05.2014 Emilia Sak-Saracino DFT on SIESTA
27.05.2014 Binjun Wang Influence of surfaces on solid-solid phase transitions
03.06.2014 Christian Anders Sputtering of ice surfaces by the solar wind
17.06.2014 Yaroslav Cherednikov DFT
24.06.2014 Maureen L. Nietiadi Sputtering of spheres
01.07.2014 Jan Janßen Grain boundaries in Fe
24.06.2014 Yu Gao Machining of Fe
22.07.2014 Iyad Alhafez Indentation into Ti

Group Seminar WS 2013/2014, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

29.10.2013 Riser Fahdiran Laser ablation
05.11.2013 Christian Anders Shocks in (organic) ices
12.11.2013 Yu Gao Machining
19.11.2013 Binjun Wang Magnetic potentials
26.11.2013 Emilia Sak-Saracino Iron alloys
03.12.2013 Maureen L. Nietiadi Sputtering of spheres
04.02.2014 Christian Mücksch Protein adsorption

Group Seminar SS 2013, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

16.4.2013 Christian Anders Sputtering of nanoporous Au
23.4.2013 Riser Fahdiran Laser ablation of Lennard-Jones thin films
30.4.2013 Binjun Wang Influence of shear strain on the bcc <-> fcc transition in Fe
14.5.2013 Sineng Sun Calculation of the band gap in titania
21.5.2013 Maureen L. Nietiadi Influence of surface curvature on sputtering
04.6.2013 Yu Gao Dislocations in bcc Fe
11.6.2013 Christian Mücksch Sputtering of phenylalanine
18.6.2013 Emilia Sak Solid-state phase transitions in the Fe-C system
25.6.2013 Yaroslav Cherednikov Color centers and their effect on laser ablation

Group Seminar WS 2012/2013, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

06.11.2012 Christian Anders Cluster impact into Bi-Ge
13.11.2012 Yu Gao Indentation and scratching of Fe surfaces
20.11.2012 Sineng Sun Quantization of atomic motion
27.11.2012 Binjun Wang Size and pressure dependence of the martensite transformation
04.12.2012 Yaroslav Cherednikov Strong excitation effects in LiF
11.12.2012 Maureen L. Nietiadi Sputtering of Si nanowires
18.12.2012 Emilia Sak Thermodynamics of Fe-C martensite
15.01.2013 Jan Janßen tba
22.01.2013 Riser Fahdiran Al ablation
29.01.2013 Christian Mücksch Accelerated MD

Group Seminar SS 2012, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

24.04.2012 Yu Gao Indentation and scratching of Fe
08.05.2012 Christian Mücksch Adsorption of proteins on surfaces
15.05.2012 Jan Janßen Traffic simulation
05.06.2012 Riser Fahdiran Photoemission
12.06.2012 Emilia Sak Phase transitions in the Fe-C system
19.06.2012 Christian Anders Energetic impacts in cosmic ice surfaces
03.07.2012 Binjun Wang Phase transitions in Fe: influence of a fcc/bcc interface
10.07.2012 Yaroslav Cherednikov Color centers in LiF
17.07.2012 Nina Gunkelmann Shocks in Fe polycrystals

Group Seminar WS 2011/2012, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

25.10.2011 Yudi Rosandi Subsurface channeling of Si
08.11.2011 Sineng Sun Fragmentation of water droplets
22.11.2011 Yu Gao & Emilia Sak Project presentation
29.11.2011 Maureen L. Nietiadi Sputtering of Si
06.12.2011 Nina Gunkelmann Elastic properties of martensit
13.12.2011 Yaroslav Cherednikov Electronic sputtering
20.12.2011 Binjun Wang Interfaces in Fe
10.01.2012 Riser Fahdiran Dynamics of photoemitted electrons
17.01.2012 Jan Janßen Smoothed particle hydrodynamics
24.01.2012 Christian Ringl Sound velocity in porous materials
31.01.2011 Christian Anders Impact into Ge

Group Seminar SS 2011, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

26.04.2011 Maureen L. Nietiadi Disordered excitons in cylindrical aggregates
03.05.2011 Sineng Sun Cluster-wall collisions
24.05.2011 Jan Janßen Report on LINUX Day
07.06.2011 Yudi Rosandi Laser melting of Al
21.06.2011 Yaroslav Cherednikov Electronic sputtering of LiF
28.06.2011 Binjun Wang Surfaces and interfaces of metallic systems
05.07.2011 Katrin Stöbener Thesis report
12.07.2011 Christian Anders Bi cluster impact into Ge
19.07.2011 Christian Ringl Collisions of porous clusters

Group Seminar WS 2010/2011, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

09.11.2010 K. Stöbener Adhäsionsphänomene von Polymeren unter hydrodynamischen Randbedingungen
16.11.2010 Sineng Sun Laserbestrahlung von Wasser
23.11.2010 Christian Ringl Kompaktifizierung von Staubagglomeraten
30.11.2010 Jan Janßen Backup
07.12.2010 Yaroslav Cherednikov Ablation von LiF
14.12.2010 Christian Anders Ne-Einschlag in molekulare Eise
21.12.2010 Binjun Wang Phasenumwandlung in dünnen Eisenfilmen
18.01.2011 Christian Mücksch Proteinadsorption auf Graphit

Group Seminar SS 2010, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46/387-388

20.04.2010 Jan Janßen Queuing systems for clusters
27.04.2010 Yudi Rosandi Laser cleaning
04.05.2010 Christian Ringl Granular mechanics goes 3D
18.05.2010 David Köpfer Activation, inactivation and blockade of hERG potassium channels
01.06.2010 Yaroslav Cherednikov X-ray ablation of dielectrics
08.06.2010 Christian Anders Sputtering of an Ar vs an oxygen target
15.06.2010 Christian Mücksch Protein-surface interface
22.06.2010 Binjun Wang Solid-solid phase transitions
29.06.2010 Sineng Sun Hydration shell of organic molecules: normal-mode analysis

Group Seminar WS 2009/2010, Tuesday 17:15 in 46/388

10.11.2009 David Köpfer Structure and activity of membrane proteins
17.11.2009 Jan Janßen Virtualization
08.12.2009 Christian Anders Stopping of clusters in matter
15.12.2009 Luis Sandoval Magnetism in molecular dynamics
05.01.2010 Yudi Rosandi Laser ablation of Al
12.01.2010 Christian Ringl Collisions of dust aggregates
26.01.2010 Sineng Sun Mass spectrometry of solvated polymers
02.02.2010 Gerolf Ziegenhain Indentation of nanostructured surfaces
09.02.2010 Binjun Wang Martensitic transformation in Fe, Ti, Zr
16.02.2010 Yaroslav Cherednikov Water

Group Seminar SS 2009, Tuesday 17:15 in 46/388

21.04.2009 Herbert Urbassek External heating in MD
26.05.2009 Philipp Khuc Trong Modeling PAR polarity in C. elegans - Parameter and phase space analysis of a reaction-diffusion system
09.06.2009 Saravana Prakash Protein isolation with IDEM and LILBID
16.06.2009 Christian Anders Dissociation energy effects in sputtering of molecular targets
23.06.2009 Sineng Sun Molecule excitation in laser irradiation and impact processes
30.06.2009 Yudi Rosandi Laser ablation of Al
07.07.2009 Luis Sandoval Soli-solid phase transitions in nanowires
14.07.2009 Christian Ringl Granular mechanics of dust cakes
21.07.2009 Gerolf Ziegenhain Cluster billiard

Group Seminar WS 2008/2009, Tuesday 17:15 in 45/323

11.11.2008 Philipp Khuc Trong Symmetry breaking and PAR polarity in C. elegans
02.12.2008 Saravana Prakash Vibrational spectra of biomolecules
09.12.2008 Yudi Rosandi Ion interaction with surfaces
16.12.2008 Christian Anders Crater formation
06.1.2009 Luis Sandoval Fe nanowires
13.01.2009 Gerolf Ziegenhain Cluster-cluster collisions
20.01.2009 Sineng Sun Droplet fragmentation
27.01.2009 Christian Ringl Granular mechanics of dust cakes
03.02.2009 Saravana Prakash Mass spectrometry techniques: electrospray, LILBID, IDEM
10.2.2009 Gerolf Ziegenhain Velocity dependence of nanoindentation

Group Seminar SS 2008, Thursday 10:15 in 46/387

29.05.2008 Nikita Medvedev Monte Carlo simulation of electronic excitation after swift heavy ion irradiation
05.06.2008 Orkhan Osmani Insulator irradiation with swift heavy ions: electronic stopping and heat transfer mechanisms
12.06.2008 Gerolf Ziegenhain Influence of materials properties on nanoindentation
19.06.2008 Luis Sandoval Influence of electronic stopping on sputtering by cluster impact
26.06.2008 Christian Anders Ion-induced desorption of Au clusters off graphite
03.07.2008 Saravana Prakash Simulation of the LILBID mechanism
10.07.2008 Yudi Rosandi Surface mobility

Group Seminar WS 2007/2008, Tuesday 13:45 in 45/323

03.11.2007 G. Ziegenhain Plasticity Under Nanoindention
20.11.2007 L. Sandoval Chaos
27.11.2007 C. Anders Solar physics
04.12.2007 Y. Rosandi Object-oriented molecular dynamics
11.12.2007 C. Anders Sputtering of ices
18.12.2007 S. Prakash Normal modes in biomolecules
08.01.2008 S. Prakash Simulation of biomolecules: a historical perspective
22.01.2007 L. Sandoval Solid-solid phase transitions in Fe nanowires
05.02.2008 Y. Rosandi Effect of surface defects on sputtering
12.02.2008 G. Ziegenhain Nanoscratching