Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Urbassek

Group Seminar WS 2021/22, Tuesday, 18:00 "ZOOM"

02.11.2021Robert MeyerInfluence of vacancies on magnetism in Fe
30.11.2021Herbert M. Urbasseksafety measure
07.12.2021Maureen L. NietiadiPeripheral collisions of Lennard-Jones clusters   
14.12.2021Philipp UmstätterPower tools                        
11.01.2022Philipp Umstätter    Spectroscopy & cosmology
18.01.2022Robert Meyerdomain walls and grain boundaries in Fe
25.01.2022Philipp Umstätter
Vardan Vardanyan
Hardness of polycrystalline metalls
01.02.2022Iyad AlhafezIndentation into binary alloys                               
08.02.2022René Hafner            Bulk viscosity of water: influence of thermostats


Group Seminar SS 2021, Tuesday, 16:00 "ZOOM"

20.04.2021Vardan VardanyanMachining of pc-Al: distortion effects
27.04.2021Maureen L. Nietiadi Peripheral collisions of ice-shell grains
04.05.2021Karina Avila Indentation of amorphous-crystalline interfaces
11.05.2021Philipp Umstättertikz
25.05.2021Simon GaaOlivine irradiation III
01.06.2021Arash KardaniMechanical properties of Ta-Cu composites
08.06.2021Iyad AlhafezSurface grinding with an adhesive tool
15.06.2021Christian AndersIrradiation of cryogenic ices
22.06.2021Philipp UmstätterChondrite collisions
06.07.2021René HafnerAdaptive free-energy methods and applications
13.07.2021Robert MeyerApplications of SLD simulations: from nano particles to large-scale defective metal samples
20.07.2021Vardan VardanyanNi-graphene composites

Group Seminar WS 2020/2021, Tuesday, 16:00 in 46-576

27.10.2020René HafnerDiffusion study: Characterization of Langevin thermostat
03.11.2020Karina AvilaShear-band interaction
10.11.2020Maureen NietiadiCollisions of ice-mantled silica grains
24.11.2020Vardan VardanyanIndentation of crystal glass system
15.12.2020Philipp UmstätterGranular Mechanical Friction in MD Simulations
12.01.2021Simon GaaOlivene irradiation
19.01.2021Robert MeyerSpin-/Lattice-simulations of iron nano spheres
26.01.2021Christian AndersSputtering of ice-surfaces
02.02.2020Iyad AlhafezDrilling and grinding

Group seminar SS 2020, Tuesday, 17:15, Online Seminar in zoom

28.04.2020Vardan VardanjanLAMMPS scripting
05.05.2020Karina AvilaGlasses
12.05.2020Kemal SarikayaNanoparticle collisions
19.05.2020Simon GaaIrradiation of olivine
16.06.2020René HafnerDiffusion
23.06.2020Robert MeyerSpin-lattice simulations with LAMMPS
30.06.2020Philipp UmstätterChondrites: Building algorithm. Excursion: Machine Learning
30.07.2020Christian AndersOrganics in space

Group Seminar WS 2019/2020, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

05.11.2019Karina AvilaPlastic zone formed in nanoindentation of metallic glasses
12.11.2019Robert MeyerVibrational signatures of extended defects in Fe
26.11.2019Maureen NietiadiCollisions of hydroxylated silica spheres
03.12.2019Jerome MeiserFree-energy calculations
10.12.2019 Iyad AlhafezInfluence of the rake angle in nanocutting
17.12.2019Philipp UmstätterComparison of collisions of monodisperse clusters and MRN clusters
21.01.2020René HafnerMolecule adsorption on crystalline polymer surfaces
28.01.2020Christian AndersOrganic matter as glue for cosmic grains
04.02.2020Vardan VardanyanDistortion effects in polycrystalline Al
11.02.2020Kemal SarikayaCollisions of metal clusters

Group Seminar SS 2019, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

16.04.2019Christian AndersSwift-ion-induced resorption of glycine from water ice
23.04.2019Simon GaaPhotometric measurements of the dark sky in Pfälzerwald
30.04.2019Robert RauterSpin-switching in polymeric SCO molecules
07.05.2019Karina AvilaScratching of metallic glasses
14.05.2019 Iyad AlhafezInfluence of pre-existing plasticity on nanoindentation
21.05.2019Marjan A. NejadBN sheets for drug delivery systems
28.05.2019Maureen L. NietiadiCarbon nanoparticle collisions
04.06.2019Philipp UmstätterCollisions of granular clusters with MRN size distribution
11.06.2019René HamburgerAdaptive biasing force method
16.07.2019Vardan VardanyanGraphene in metals

Group Seminar WS 2018/2019, Tuesday, 17:15 in 46-387/8

23.10.2018Jerome MeiserPhase transformations in iron
06.11.2018Karina AvilaNanoindentation in metallic glasses
20.11.2018Robert RauterPhonon spectra of strained metals
27.11.2018Maureen L. NietiadiCollisions of silica and water nanoparticles
04.12.2018René HamburgerInteraction of drug molecules with polymeric membranes
11.12.2018Philipp UmstätterEnergy dissipation in collisions of dust-covered chondrules, collisions of polydisperse granular aggregates
18.12.2018Marjan A. NejadAdsorption of monoclonal antibodies on functionalized silica surfaces
15.01.2019Christian AndersSulfur impacts on Europa's surface
22.01.2019Iyad AlhafezMachining of high-entropy alloys
29.01.2019Vardan VardanyanGraphene-Ni nanocomposites
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