Quantum-Master (Course of studies)

Coming home – our Welcome Program

Welcome week "Advanced Quantum Physics"


Dear participants of  the „Advanced Quantum Physics” Master's program,

We would like to give you a warm welcome at TU Kaiserslautern (TUK) and the Department of Physics. It would be a pleasure for all of us to introduce you to your new study program and to your new department. The Faculty of Physics offers the following special events just for you:

--- upcoming events will be announced as the next term starts.

Our Students' Union

Our Students' Union will welcome you to Kaiserslautern and help you with all aspects of student life. They know how everything works.

Contact them at: https://fachschaft.physik.uni-kl.de/

And our faculty mentors

Faculty mentors, fellow students, and interested alumni will share experience and know-how throughout your time at TUK. Physics is hard, so we all work together. You will not be alone!

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