International Winter School on Open Many-Body Systems in Tutzing

The Collaborative Research Center Open System Control of Atomic and Photonic Matter (OSCAR) implements various measures to guarantee education of the highest quality standards for the involved doctoral students and early postdocs. Within this integrated young reseacher training program i-OSCAR our SFB organized recently an International Winter School on Open Quantum Many-Body Systems, which took place at the Evangelische Adademie in Tutzing (Germany), in the period February 20-23, 2023. The 40 participants stemmed in equal parts from the Universities in Bonn and Kaiserslautern involved in OSCAR as well as from research institutes in Germany, Europe, and partially also abroad. The program consisted of highlighting three research areas of central importance of OSCAR: BEC-BCS crossover, topology, and hybrid quantum systems. Each topic was discussed from both the experimental and theoretical point of view by internationally recognized experts.
The homepage of the International Winter School provides further details as, for instance, the electronic booklet, which includes all abstracts.