Two international course programs on quantum technologies funded by EU and BMBF initiated by OSCAR PIs in Kaiserslautern

New teaching course programs on quantum technologies

OSCAR members at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK) have set two new study courses on track, specifically targeted to training tomorrow’s experts for quantum science and technology.
The European Commission is funding the international Erasmus Mundus Master's degree course QUANTEEM on "Quantum Technology and Engineering," coordinated by the University of Dijon. In addition to TUK, the universities of Aarhus and Moscow are also involved as study locations. For six years, more than five million euros will be available to enable talented students from all over the world - financed by scholarships - to study at least at two of the participating locations.
Within the QuanTUK project at TUK, funded by the Federal ministry of education and research (BMBF), the departments of physics, mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering are designing an interdisciplinary and part-time master's degree course in "Quantum Technologies." It will be established as a distance-learning course at the TUK's Distance and Independent Studies Center (DISC). To this end, the TUK will receive around two million euros for three years. An industry advisory board supports the project to align the courses with the needs of the industry. A didactic evaluation and optimization will ensure the quality of the teaching content.