Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Hillebrands

Magnonics (English)

Lecturer: Jun. Prof. Philipp Pirro


This lecture is an introduction into the field of magnonics, which aims at the use of spin waves and their quanta, the magnons, for data processing and logic. It includes the theoretical aspects needed to understand the different spin-wave experiments which will be discussed.

First, an introduction into the theoretical description of spin waves based on the micromagnetic approach will be given. We will discuss the different contributions to the spin wave dispersion relation like the magnetostatic interaction, the exchange interaction and crystalline anisotropy energies. With the help of this knowledge, the propagation of linear spin waves in different geometries will be illustrated. In addition, we will discuss important spin-wave phenomena like quantization in confined (nano) structures, decay, chirality and non-reciprocity. Based on the approach of second quantization, we will introduce nonlinear spin-wave interactions and the resulting phenomena like spin-wave instabilities. Finally, we will learn about the concepts and first realizations of spin-wave logic devices, which involve both linear and nonlinear effects.


Lecture dates

Due to the current situation, the lecture will be given as a live stream every Thursday, 10:00-11:30.

The way to access the lecture will be communicated here before the first lecture which will take place April 23.


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