Workgroup Prof. Ziegler


The Omicron "UHV AFM/STM" is a mixed device for AFM and STM, including a computer with integrated control electronics, which can be used in contact or tapping mode. Typicall AFM-Cantilever are e.g. of the type PNP-DB-20. The samplebar is made for sampleholders with Omicron-Standard. It's possible to analyse samples up to one centimeter.

Here are primarily used nanostructures between 20 and 400 nm in width an one to 500 nm in high. Nanostructures could be created in situ by ion bombardment. For this an ion source (type: Leybold "IQE 12/38") is flange-mounted to the UHV-container. 






A intended purpose is the incremental documentation of development by self-organising nanostructures under ion bombardment. This new surfaces are e.g. changing the electrical/optical properties of a solid body.

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