Workgroup Prof. Ziegler


Research in atomic force- and scanning tunneling spectroscopy, especially with organic and biological materials (e.g. Si/organic, PtSi/redoxcoenzyme, metal/Protein, metal/bacteria, Antigen/antibodies)


  • STM, tunneling spectroscopy, SFM, atomic force spectroscopy

Scanning probe procedures are set in many fields, e.g. for characterisation of layerincreasement.

A specific focus is in tunneling spectroscopy research with pure Si-surfaces and (bio-)moleculare adsorbates, linked to silicon and matally conductible silicides.

More focus areas are the characterisations of proteinadsorbates on technical surfaces like dental materials. For research in proteinadsorption a mixed device for SFM investigation in flow was built. This device actually gets extended, to make quantified measurement of proteinadsorption with parallel oscillating-quarz possible.

Atomic force spectroscopy comes into operation to discover molecular recognition between antigen and antibody together with nucleinacid sequences (see also "Biomolekulare Wechselwirkungsprozesse und Affinitätsbiosensoren").

Development of a cantileversensorsystem for liquids was already presented in "Biomolekulare Wechselwirkungsprozesse und Affinitätsbiosensoren "

Current cooperations:
SIS, Jülich

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