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Laboratory courses are essential elements in science and engineering education. To provide students an easy access to complex physical processes in real laboratory experiments, gLabAssist will use data goggles - so-called SmartGlasses - and analyze their effectiveness. The aim is to achieve a fusion of physical reality and comprehensible digital processing of real-time measurement data and to significantly improve the learning effect of physical laboratory practices. In this sense, gLabAssist intends to investigate the potential use of the connection between experiment and its digital processing.


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Prof. Dr. Jochen Kuhn (kuhn(at)

Michael Thees (theesm(at)


Recent Publications

  • Altmeyer, K., Kapp, S., Thees, M., Malone, S., Kuhn, J., & Brünken, R. (2020). The use of augmented reality to foster conceptual knowledge acquisition in STEM laboratory courses—Theoretical background and empirical results. British Journal of Educational Technology, 17(4), 133.
  • Thees, M., Kapp, S., Strzys, M. P., Beil, F., Lukowicz, P., & Kuhn, J. (2020). Effects of augmented reality on learning and cognitive load in university physics laboratory courses. Computers in Human Behavior, 108, 106316.
  • Strzys, M. P., Thees, M., Kapp, S., Klein, P., Knierim, P., Schmidt, A. Lukowicz, P., & Kuhn, J. (2018). Smartglasses as assistive tools for undergraduate and introductory STEM laboratory courses. In I. Buchem, R. Klamma & F. Wild (Eds.), Perspectives on Wearable Enhanced Learning: Current Trends, Research and Practice (accepted). Heidelberg: Springer.


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