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Greenhorn Meeting 2015

Dear Participants, and Supporters of the Greenhorn Meeting 2015, 

We thank you for participating in the this year's Greenhorn Meeting at the Kaiserslautern University. We hope, that you enjoyed your time in Kaiserslautern and that you could profit from the scientific programm. If you liked it, please spread the great idea of the Greenhorn Meeting among your friends, and co-workers, or join the next year's meeting at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn in 2016. 

We also thank the entire research group Widera, as well as members of the physics department, and the university for their help. We especially acknowlege the public, as well as private institutions, that supported us financially.

Hopefully see you next year,
Best regards,

Toby and Felix 


Concerning the support of the greenhorn meeting 2015 we like to thank our sponsors.

Cold Quanta Ultracold Atom Products
Toptica Photonics
Matieral in Science in Mainz
State Research Center OPTIMAS
Radiant Dyes