Dear students,

The FP "Frühjahr 2023" will start on 20.02.2023. You will find the plan of experiments below. The experiment will start at 09:00 on the first day mentioned there.

Prior to this, the safety instruction and an introduction to elab-FTW, the electronic laboratory notebook, will take place online on Thursday, 16.02.2023 at 14:00 h. The link will be sent by e-mail.

From this course onwards, all protocols are to be written digitally, all data are served in elab. The submission is done as pdf to the supervisor.  Please remember that the theory part has to be sent to the supervisor already before the start of the experiment - usually on Fridays before the experiment.

Stay healthy.

Christoph Döring


More informations

  • FP-Blackboard in floor 3 building 46
  • on the other frames of this webside
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