Workgroup Prof. Weiler

Magneto-acoustic waves in complex spin systems

In our ERC Consolidator Grant project MAWiCS we explore the acoustic control of complex magnetic materials.

Spintronic devices perform information storage and processing based on the spin degree of freedom. Materials with complex magnetic order, such as ferrimagnets, antiferromagnets and chiral magnets are promising candidates for next-generation spintronic devices with ultrafast speed, enhanced robustness and unique functionalities. However, several fundamental obstacles prevent their efficient control with established approaches based on magnetic fields and electrical currents. MAWiCS will overcome these obstacles by introducing the magneto-acoustic control of magnetization in these complex spin systems. MAWiCS will develop innovative experimental approaches to take advantage of symmetry, topology and exchange-enhancement effects for highly efficient control of spin dynamics in complex spin systems. Ultimately, MAWiCS will pioneer a new class of information technology concepts that do not only offer increased performance but also novel functionalities.

The project receives up to 2 Million € funding from the European Research Council (ERC). More information on CORDIS.

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