Department of Physics

Physical Colloquium winter semester 2021/22

format: hybrid

mondays, 4 o´clock (pm) , presence in 46-270


Meeting ID: 641 9279 3075

Passcode: 4Ko!!2122



17:15 ´clock

Joint lecture with the Department of Biology

Prof. Romana Schirhagl, Universität Groningen



Nanoscale free radical detection in living cells using diamond magnetometry

The lecture can be heard in 46/270 as a "public viewing".

The guest will be connected via zoom.


Jun.-Prof. Neu-Ruffing
15.11.2021Prof. Philipp Gegenwart, Uni AugsburgNew quantum states driven by magnetic frustationSpin+X
22.11.2021Prof. Sebastian Hofferberth, Uni Bonn

Nonlinear Quantum Optics

Änderung: Der Vortragende wird online zugeschaltet.

Prof. Fleischhauer


Dr. Imke Schneider, TUK

Dynamical Processes in Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems

13.12.2021Prof. Heiko Wende, Uni Duisburg-Essen


 Functional magnetocaloric materials on atomic length scales: element specific insight

20.12.2021, 17:15 UhrJoint lecture with the Department of Biology  


Prof. Stefano Bonetti, Ca´Foscari University of VeniceInertial spin dynamics in ferromagnetsProf. Hillebrands


17.01.2022Prof. Jayasimha Atulasimha, Virginia Commonwealth UniversityVoltage control of nanomagnets and skyrmions: Towards energy efficient memory and neuromorphic computingSpin+X
24.01.2022Prof. Giovanni Finocchio, University of MessinaComputing with spintronic devices and probabilistic bitsProf. Hillebrands



Dr. Michael Urban, IJCLab in Orsay (France)

 Superfluidity in Neutron Stars, and what we can learn about it from ultracold atoms


Dr. Pelster
07.02.2022Prof. Mario Carpentieri, Politecnio di BariDesign of magnetic tunnel junctions for microwave detectors, Physical Unclonable Functions, and logic operationsSpin+X

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