Department of Physics

Physical Colloquium winter semester 2019/20

Mondays (every 14 days), 17:15 o'clock, 46/270

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Joint appointment with Department of Biology
09.12.2019Prof. Dr. Ronny Thomale, Univ. WürzburgTopolectrical circuitsProf. Dr. G. von Freymann
20.01.2020Dr. Sven Ramelow, HU BerlindeletedProf. Dr. G. von Freymann
27.01.2020Prof. Dr. Joachim Ulrich, PTB BraunschweigLinking the International System of Units to Fundamental Constants

Prof. Dr. H. Hotop,

Prof. Dr. A. Widera

03.02.2020Junior GBM Team

Joint appointment with Department of Biology

10.02.2020Prof. Dr. Hélène Perrin, Université Paris NordPD Dr. A. Pelster

Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann (Tel.: 0631 205 2322)
Secretary's office: Anna Mihanovic (Tel.: 0631 205 2692)

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