Department of Physics

Physical Colloquium summer semester 2019

Mondays (every 14 days), 17:15 o'clock, 46/270

AppointmentSpeakerThemeinvited by

Prof. Dr. Liliya Yatsunik
Swarthmore College, PA, USA

Joint appointment with Department of Biology
Biophysical and structural investigations into CAGAG repeats associated
Prof. Dr. Schünemann

Prof. Dr. Björgvin Hjörvarsson
Uppsala University, Sweden

Phase transitions in magnetic metamaterialsProf. Dr. Hillebrands
03.06.2019Dr. Philipp Pirro
TU Kaiserslautern
Surface Plasmons
Prof. Dr. Hillebrands
10.06.2019Whit Monday
24.06.2019Jun.-Prof. Dr. Doris E. Reiter, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität MünsterTwisted light-matter interactionProf. Dr. Aeschlimann
01.07.2019Prof. Dr. Rembert A. Duine, Utrecht University & Eindhoven University of Technology, NLSpintronics and spin currents: from magnetic memories to black holesProf. Dr. Hillebrands
08.07.2019Joint appointment with Department of Biology
15.07.2019Prof. Dr. Siegfried Glenzer
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, CA, USA
Exploring extreme states of matter with an ultra-bright X-ray free-electron laser
Prof. Dr. Rethfeld


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