Department of Physics

Laser and quantum optics seminar summer semester 2019

Fridays (every 14-days), 10:00 o'clock, Room 46-387/388

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Prof. Dr. David Clément
Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau, France

Momentum-space atom correlations in a Mott insulaterProf. Dr.Ott


05.07.2019Anjan Soumyanarayanan
A*STAR and NUS, Singapore
Structure, Stability and Dynamics of Topological Spin Structures
Prof. Dr. Hillebrands
12.07.2019Prof. Dr. Daniel Strasser
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Time-resolved Coulomb Explosion Imaging with Low-field EUV PulsesProf. Dr. Niedner-Schatteburg
19.07.2019Prof. Dr. Sa De Melo
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia
The evolution from BCS to BEC superfluidity in multiband systems: Applications to two-band superconductors and ultra-cold Fermi gasesProf. Dr. Widera


Prof. Dr. Martin Aeschlimann (ma(at) /Tel.: 0631 205 2322)

Prof. Dr. Herwig Ott (ott(at) / Tel.: 0631 205 2817)

Secretary's office: Anna Mihanovic (mihanovi(at) / Tel.: 0631 205 2692)

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