The students work in groups of two and work on four experiments in FP1 within one week each, in FP2 on two experiments are processed within seven working days each.


The assignment of the experiments to the groups FP1, FP2 or Bio-Physics can vary depending on the occupancy of the course.

Diode laser spectroscopy Jens Benary46-170FP2
fs-Spektroskopie Merten Grupe46-262BioP, FP1
Laserresonator Christoph Döring46-318FP1, BioP
MOKE Stephan Wust46-325FP2
Nd:YAB-Laser Christoph Döring46-170FP2
NMR Alexander Hein46-172FP1
QED Dominic Meiers46-177FP1
Optisches Pumpen Merten Grupe46-314FP1
Photoelectron spectroscopy Stefan Lach46-178FP2
Raman-SpectroscopyJonas Gutsche46-316FP2
Spinwaves Matthias Schweizer46-325FP2
Wave-Particle Dualism
Julian Schulz46-314FP1
Zeeman-effektMatthias Schweizer46-177FP1
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