Workgroup Prof. Aeschlimann

Jun. Prof. Dr. Benjamin Stadtmüller

Juniorprofessor, Department of Physics


Phone:                 +49631205-2344

Office:                  46-461

Researcher ID:    B-2297-2015





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Main Research Interests

Band Structure Engineering of (Molecular) Hybrid Systems

Metal-organic hybrid systems consisting of

  • Hydrocarbon molecules
  • Fullerenes and endohedral fullerenes
  • Spin-textured or magnetic surface alloys
  • Spin-textured or magentic quantum well systems

Hot Carrier Dynamics in (Molecular) Solids and Hybrid Systems

  • Momentum space scattering of hot carriers in metals and low dimensional materials
  • Charge transfer dynamics and spin injection at metal-organic hybrid systems
  • Dynamics of charge transfer and Frenkel excitons in molecular materials
  • Intramolecular charge transfer phenomena in metal-carrying molecular complexes

    Manipulation of Magnetic Materials

    • Ultrafast magentization dynamics
    • Optically-induced spin transport and spin transfer phenomena

    Current Projects

    Spin + Phase-Change: Competing interactions of spin with charge and lattice, Project A02 in the SFB/TRR 173 Spin+X

    Spin + Non-Equilibrium: Ultrafast non-equilibrium spin and charge transport, Project B03 in the SFB/TRR 173 Spin+X


    WS 19/20:  Experimentelle Quantenphysik / Experimentalphysik 3

    Di, 15:30-17:00 Uhr, Raum 46-280

    Do, 10:00-11:30 Uhr, Raum 46-215

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    Selected Publications


    • Thermal-driven Formation of 2D Nano-porous Networks on Metal Surfaces
      L. Lyu, M. Maniraj, S. Mousavion, S. Becker, H. Huang, M. Aeschlimann, B. Stadtmüller
      J. Phys. Chem. C, 123, 43, 26263-26271 (2019)
    • Time-resolved two-photon momentum microscopy– A new approach to study hot carrier lifetimes in momentum space
      F. Haag, T. Eul, P. Thielen, N. Haag., B. Stadtmüller, M. Aeschlimann
      Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 103104 (2019); and highlighted in Scilight 2019, 411103 (2019)
    • Modification of Pb quantum well states by the adsorption of organic molecules
      B. Stadtmüller, L. Grad, J. Seidel, F. Haag, N. Haag, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann
      J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 31, 134005 (2019)
    • Strong modification of the transport level alignment in organic materials after optical excitation
      B. Stadtmüller, S. Emmerich, D. Jungkenn, N. Haag, M. Rollinger, S. Eich, M. Maniraj, M. Aeschlimann, M. Cinchetti, S. Mathias
      Nat. Commun. 10, 1470 (2019)


    • Structure and electronic properties of the (√3×√3) R30° SnAu2/Au(111) surface alloy
      M. Maniraj, D. Jungkenn, W. Shi, S. Emmerich, L. Lyu, J. Kollamana, Z. Wei, B. Yan, M. Cinchetti, S. Mathias, B. Stadtmüller, M. Aeschlimann
      Phys. Rev. B 98, 205419 (2018)
    • Adsorption induced distortion of the tri-metallic nitride core of the endohedral fullerene Sc3N@C80 on the Ag(111) surface
      J. Seidel, L. L. Kelly, M. Franke, C. Kumpf, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann, B. Stadtmüller
      Phys. Rev. B 98, 085434 (2018)
    • Spin- and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study of The Alq3/Co Interface
      J. Stöckl, A. Jurenkow, N. Großmann, M. Cinchetti, B. Stadtmüller, M. Aeschlimann
      J. Phys. Chem. C, 122, 6585-6592 (2018)


    • Speed and efficiency of femtosecond spin current injection into a non-magnetic material
      M. Hofherr, P. Maldonado, O. Schmitt, M. Berritta, U. Bierbrauer, S. Sadashivaiah, A.J. Schellekens, B. Koopmans, D. Steil, M. Cinchetti, B. Stadtmüller, P.M. Oppeneer, S. Mathias, M. Aeschlimann,
      Phys. Rev. B 96, 100403(R) (2017)
    • Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in Nickel: impact of pump photon energy
      U. Bierbrauer, S. T. Weber, D. Schummer, M. Barkowski, A.-K. Mahro, S. Mathias, H.-C. Schneider, B. Stadtmüller, M. Aeschlimann, B. Rethfeld,
      J. Phys.: Condens. Matter. 29, 244002 (2017)
    • Band structure evolution during the ultrafast ferromagnetic-paramagnetic phase transition in cobalt
      S. Eich, M. Plötzing, M. Rollinger, S. Emmerich, R. Adam, C. Chen, H. C. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, L. Plucinski, D. Steil, B. Stadtmüller, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann, C. M. Schneider, S. Mathias
      Sci. Adv. 3 e1602094 (2017)


    • Epitaxial growth of thermally stable cobalt films on Au(111)
      N. Haag, M. Laux, J. Stöckl, J. Kollamana, J. Seidel, N. Großmann, R. Fetzer, L. L. Kelly, Z. Wei, B. Stadtmüller, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann,
      New J. Phys. 18, 103054 (2016)
    • Modifying the surface of a Rashba-split Pb-Ag alloy using tailored metal-organic bonds
      B. Stadtmüller, J. Seidel, N. Haag, L. Grad, C. Tusche, G. van Straaten, M. Franke, J. Kirschner, C. Kumpf, M. Cinchetti, M. Aeschlimann,
      Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 096805 (2016)
    • Dynamic spin-filtering at the Co/Alq3 interface mediated by weakly coupled second layer molecules
      A. Droghetti, P. Thielen, I. Rungger, N. Haag, N. Großmann, J. Stöckl, B. Stadtmüller, M. Aeschlimann, S.Sanvito, M. Cinchetti,
      Nat. Commun. 7, 12668 (2016)



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