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News from the Awards and Scholarship Committee

The winner of the first IUVSTA EBARA Award is Dr. Waqas Hassan Tanveer

Dr. Tanveer has an excellent CV with extensive experience in vacuum technology, thin films, solid oxide electrolysis, and nanomaterials. His research is related to important environmental subjects in total adequacy with the award intent ‐ renewable energy and environment.

Born in 1986, he obtained his PhD at Seoul University (South Korea) in 2017 "Experimentation and modeling of nanostructured nickel cermet anodes for fuel cells operating on industry waste carbon”. Following his PhD he continued at Seoul University as a Postdoc researcher after which he joined the National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad (Pakistan) as an Assistant Professor, working on power plant technology. He is a Research Associate at Herriot Watt University in
Edinburgh (Scotland) since November 2018, dealing with biomass integrated stack systems development for low carbon jet fuels. Dr. Tanveer has several high impact publications and is involved in different collaborative projects.

In less than 2 years since he completed his PhD, Dr. Tanveer has achieved a strong record in using vacuum
technologies for achieving perfect control of materials, important for environmental benefits.

For this first IUVSTA EBARA Award, the Awardee, Dr. Waqas Hassan Tanveer will present an invited talk entitled

Key role vacuum-based technologies are playing to improve efficiencies of novel technologies for environmental benefits

at IVC 21 in Malmö (Sweden) during a special IUVSTA Anniversary Session which will take place on Monday, July 1st from 15h30 to 17h.