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Travel information

Getting to Kaiserslautern by train from Frankfurt Airport
There are two railway stations at Frankfurt Airport - long-distance (Fernbahnhof) and regional (Regionalbahnhof). Follow the signs to the long-distance railway station (Fernbahnhof) located at Terminal 1.

  • Terminal 1 arrivals:
    The long-distance railway station is in walking distance (5-10 min) from Terminal 1. From the departure level of Terminal 1 the "Fernbahnhof" signs will lead you to a glass-dome area above the tracks. Trains depart from platforms 4 to 7.
  • Terminal 2 arrivals:
    When you arrive at Terminal 2 (aiport Segments D and E) transfer by a clearly marked train system (Sky Line) to Terminal 1. This service to Terminal 1 runs at few-minutes intervals. You reach Terminal 1 at the departure level in Segment B. From here follow instructions for Terminal 1 arrivals.

Rail Tickets:
The Travel Center (Reisezentrum; in the alley to the glass-dome area) at the long-distance station provides travel information and sells tickets. Buy a ticket to Kaiserslautern via Mannheim (approx. 38 EURO, 2nd class, one way). Tickets and travel information can also be found online.

Mannheim is the first stop after the Airport station (30 minutes). In Mannheim you change trains to Kaiserslautern (direction Saarbrücken, Homburg, or Kaiserslautern, occasionally Paris). Depending on the type of train (ICE, IC/EC, RE or S-Bahn), it will take 40-65 min from Mannheim to Kaiserslautern.

Travel Center at the Airport:
Opening hours:   Daily 6.00 - 22.30 hrs (6am - 10:30pm) 

Arrival by car

To reach the TU Kaiserslautern, please check the map of city and the campus map.

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