Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Hillebrands

Annual Report 2016


2 Personnel

2.1 Members of the group
2.2 Visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows and exchange students
2.3 Guest seminars
2.4 Visits of group members at other laboratories
2.5 Group member photo gallery

3 Methods

3.1 Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy (BLS)
3.2 Microwave techniques
3.3 Magneto-optic Kerr effect magnetometry and microscopy (MOKE)
3.4 Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

4 Reports on Experimental Results

A. Magnon Gases and Condensates

4.1 Supercurrent in a room-temperature Bose-Einstein magnon condensate

4.2 Bottleneck accumulation of hybrid bosons in a ferrimagnet

4.3 Parametric excitation of magnons in YIG films at low temperatures

B. Insulator Magnon Spintronics

4.4 Temporal evolution of auto-oscillations in a YIG/Pt microdisc driven by spin-transfer torque induced by the spin Hall effect

4.5 A macro-scaled YIG Majority Gate

4.6 Spin-wave directional coupler

C. Metallic Magnon Spintronics

4.7 Angular dependencies of spin pumping and rectification effects

4.8 Spin pumping in CoFeB/Pt,Ta bilayers

4.9 Spin-wave density of states and microfocussed Brillouin light scattering spectra as a function of magnetic film thickness

4.10 Voltage-controlled magnonic crystal

4.11 A switchable spin-wave signal splitter for magnonic networks

D. Spin Caloric Transport

4.12 Frequency-resolved investigation of the longitudinal spin Seebeck effect

4.13 Auto-oscillations in YIG/Pt nanostructures due to a thermal gradient

E. New Materials and Heusler Compounds

4.14 Thickness dependent properties of the Heusler alloy Co2 FeAl

4.15 Spin-transfer torque induced spin-wave heating in a microstructured Heusler-Pt waveguide

4.16 Magneto-plasmonic metamaterials

6 Conferences, Workshops, Schools, Seminars

6.1 Conference Organization
6.2 Invited talks
6.3 Contributed talks and posters
6.4 Annual group retreat
6.5 Other meetings and trade fairs
6.6 Awards, Fellowships, and others


This annual report may also be downloaded as a single file: Annual Report 2016

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