Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Hillebrands

Annual Report 2011


1 Introduction (338 kB)

2 Personnel (2121 kB)

    2.1 Members of the group
    2.2 Visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows and exchange students
    2.3 Guest seminars
    2.4 Visits of group members at other laboratories
    2.5 Group member photo gallery

3 Methods (1458 kB)

    3.1 Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy (BLS)
    3.2 Microwave setups
    3.3 Magneto-optic Kerr effect magnetometry and microscopy (MOKE)
    3.4 Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)

4 Reports on Experimental Results

A. Magnon Gases and Condensates

4.1 Variable damping and coherence in a high-density magnon gas (742 kB)

4.2 Mode structure of parametrically excited magnons in a magnetic film (529 kB)

4.3 Transition processes in a highly excited multi-mode autonomous magnon system (889 kB)

B. Magnon Spintronics

4.4 Mode conversion by symmetry breaking of propagating spin waves (577 kB)

4.5 Parallel parametric generation of spin waves in a Ni81Fe19 microstripe (621 kB)

4.6 Detection of parametrically excited exchange magnons by the inverse spin Hall effect (618 kB)

4.7 Spin-wave tunneling through a mechanical gap in a microstructured Ni81Fe19-stripe (552 kB)

C. Magnonic Crystals

4.8 Oscillatory energy exchange in a dynamic magnonic crystal (709 kB)

4.9 Magnonic band gap design by the edge modulation of micro-sized waveguides (1240 kB)

4.10 Exact dipole-exchange theory for dynamic magnonic crystals (1048 kB)

D. Spin Caloric Transport

4.11 Spin-wave propagation and transformation in a thermal gradient (605 kB)

E. New Materials and Heusler Compounds

4.12 Spin-wave propagation in Heusler waveguides (672 kB)

4.13 Magneto-optical characterization of single crystalline Co2FeAl0.4Si0.6 thin films on MgO substrates (1779 kB)

4.14 Ion beam patterning of antiferromagnetic elements in the submicron regime (1786 kB)

4.15 Microscopic magnetic structuring of a spin-wave waveguide by ion implantation in a Ni81Fe19 layer (615 kB)

F. Applied Spintronics

4.16 Determination of dynamic switching fields of TMR structures (558 kB)

4.17 Characterization of a TMR-based magnetic memory cell with elliptically shaped elements for moderate switching speed (1106 kB)

4.18 Magnetic dynamics near vortex state nucleation in Ni81Fe19 dots (639 kB)

5 Publications (256 kB)

6 Seminars (425 kB)

    6.1 Conferences
    6.2 Workshops and Schools
    6.3 Other meetings and trade fairs
    6.4 Invited seminar talks and colloquia
    6.5 Seminars
    6.6 Awards and Fellowships

The annual report may be downloaded as one file Annual Report 2011(20.7 MB)

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