Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Hillebrands

Annual Report 2009


1 Introduction (102 kB)

2 Personnel (661 kB)

    2.1 Members of the group
    2.2 Visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows and exchange students
    2.3 Guest seminars
    2.4 Visits of group members at other laboratories
    2.5 Group member photo gallery

3 Equipment (66 kB)

4 Transfer of Technology (57 kB)

5 Reports on Experimental Results

A. Magnon Gases

5.1Field-induced transition from parallel to perpendicular parametric pumping
for a microstrip transducer (266 kB)
5.2Pumping-free dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensate of magnons (256 kB)
5.3Spin-wave pulse recovery with variable magnon damping and coherence (310 kB)
5.4Non-resonant wave front reversal of spin waves used for microwave signal
processing. (156 kB)

B. Magnonic crystals and Spin Waves in Anisotropic Media

5.5Scattering of surface and volume magnetostatic spin waves in a magnonic crystal (173 kB)
5.6Forced dominant wavenumber selection in spin-wave active rings (302 kB)
5.7Current controlled dynamic magnonic crystal (451 kB)
5.8Reverse Doppler effect in backward spin waves scattered on surface acoustic wave(162 kB)
5.9Non-diffractive narrow wave beams in a medium with controlled anisotropy(706 kB)

C. Dynamics in Nanostructures and Domain Walls

5.10Optical detection of spin-pumped magnetization in a Ni81Fe19/Cu multilayer (274 kB)
5.11All-optical detection of phase fronts of propagating spin waves in a Ni81Fe19 microstripe (609 kB)
5.12Spin-wave quantization in a thermal well (401 kB)
5.13Anisotropy of single magnetic elements (804 kB)

D. Heusler Compounds and other Magnetic Films

5.14Exchange in Heusler compounds (223 kB)
5.15Relation between the exchange stiffness and the temperature dependence of tunnelling magnetoresistance (256 kB)
5.16Magnetic properties of Co2MnGe (283 kB)
5.17Antiferromagnetically coupled patterns in a ferromagnetic environment (470 kB)

E. Applied Research and Technology

5.18QMOKE setup and first results on Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5(1.108 MB)
5.19Depth sensitivity of MOKE and BLS (382 kB)
5.20An electro-optic modulator-assisted wavevector-resolving Brillouin light scattering setup (469 kB)

6 Publications (98 kB)

7 Conferences, Workshops, Schools, Seminars (161 kB)

    7.1 Conferences
    7.2 Workshops and Schools
    7.3 Meetings
    7.4 Invited colloquias
    7.5 Seminars
    7.6 Contributions of the Institute for Thin Film Technology

The annual report may be downloaded as one file Annual Report 2009(15.7 MB)

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