Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Hillebrands

Annual Report 2008


Introduction (31 kB)

Personnel (398 kB)

    2.1 Members of the group
    2.2 Visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows and exchange students
    2.3 Guest seminars
    2.4 Visits of group members at other laboratories
    2.5 Group member photo gallery

Research topics (37 kB)

Equipment (32 kB)

Transfer of Technology (24 kB)

6 Experimental results

A. Dynamics in Nanostructures and Domain Walls


6.1DC current control of three magnon scattering processes in spin-valve nanocontacts (186 kB)
6.2Dissipation of spin-wave modes due to mode coupling in Ni81Fe19 rings (311 kB)
6.3Investigation of the lifetime of quantized spin waves in nano-scaled magnetic ring structures (142 kB)
6.4Modification of the thermal spin wave spectrum in a Ni81Fe19 stripe by a domain wall (921 kB)
6.5Spin-wave excitation in Permalloy by oscillating pinned domain walls (545 kB)
6.6Breathing domain wall in Ni81Fe19 cross structures (345 kB)
6.7Magneto-optic investigations on the switching dynamics of TMR structures (460 kB)

B. Linear and Nonlinear SpinWaves

6.8Investigation and optimization of one-dimensional ferrite-film based magnonic crystals (163 kB)
6.9Theory of parametric recovery of a microwave signal using standing spinwave modes of a magnetic film (117 kB)
6.10Probing of a parametrically pumped magnon gas with a non-resonant packet of traveling spin waves (196 kB)
6.11Generation of dipolar spin-waves due to disintegration of a condensate of photon coupled exchange magnons (143 kB)

C. Magnetic Films of Heusler Compounds

6.12Exchange constant in Co2-based Heusler compounds (101 kB)
6.13Tailoring of structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of Co2MnSi thin films by He+-irradiation (194 kB)

D. Applied Research and Technology

6.14New approach to the k-vector sensitivity of the BLS technique (327 kB)
6.15Phase sensitive BLS spectroscopy with magneto-optical modulator (4.12 MB)
6.16Spin-wave interferometer on a waveguide (117 kB)

Publications (35 kB)

Conferences, Workshops, Schools, Seminars (55 kB)

Appendix(224 kB)

The annual report may be downloaded as one file Annual Report 2008(8.95 MB)

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