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Annual Report 2004


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Personnel (150K)

    2.1 Members of the group
    2.2 Visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows and exchange students
    2.3 Guest seminars
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Research topics (33K)

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Transfer of Technology (20K)

5.1 Magnetism
5.2 Institut für Dünnschichttechnologie - Transferstelle der Technischen Universität Kaiserslautern

6 Experimental results

A. Dynamic Magnetic Phenomena

6.1Spin-wave eigenmodes of permalloy squares with closure domain structure (172K)
6.2Two dimensional patterns of spin-wave radiation by magnetic microrectangles (230K)
6.3Propagation of spin waves through a 180° Bloch domain wall in an
infinitely thin film
6.4Ultrafast direct writing schemes for SAF MRAM cells in crossed-wire

B. Nonlinear Wave Effects

6.5Parametrically stimulated phase-coherent recovery of microwave signal
conserved in exchange gaps of spin wave spectrum
Stopping of parametrically sustained spin waves in non-stationary bias
magnetic field

C. Magnetic Films and Double Layers

6.7Brillouin light scattering from the Heusler alloy Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al(206K)
6.8Desorption induced self-ordered Cu(001)?c(2×2)N nanostructure prepared
on a MgO(001) substrate using a low-energy atomic nitrogen beam

D. Exchange Bias Effect

Real time temperature dynamics in exchange coupled double layers upon
Modified Gilbert damping due to exchange bias in NiFe/FeMn bilayers (65K)
Magnetic micropatterning of polycrystalline NiFe/FeMn exchange bias
systems by Ga+ ion irradiation
Magnetically patterned exchange bias systems (158K)

E. Elastic Properties

6.13The use of guided surface acoustic resonances in the determination of
the thin film elastic tensor

F. Transfer of Technology

6.14Amorphous carbon coatings on implants for the urinary tract: a trial

Publications (37K)

Conferences, Workshops, Schools, Seminars and Awards (45K)

Appendix (84K)

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