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Annual Report 2003


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5.1 Magnetism
5.2 Institut für Dünnschichttechnologie - Transferstelle der Technischen Universität Kaiserslautern

6 Experimental results

A. Dynamic Magnetic Phenomena


6.1Reflection and tunneling of spin waves through a region of inhomogeneous magnetic field (502K)
6.2Brillouin light scattering measurements of single micrometer sized magnetic elements (56K)
6.3Observation of collective spin-wave modes in an inhomogeneously magnetized stripe (227K)

B. Nonlinear Wave Effects


6.4Experimental observation of symmetry-breaking nonlinear modes in an active ring(116K)
6.5 Black soliton formation from phase-adjusted spin wave packets(155K)
6.6Parametric generation of forward and phase-conjugated spin-wave bullets in a magnetic film (98K)

C. Magnetic Films and Double Layers


6.7Surface smoothing and reduction of Neel "orange peel" coupling for magnetic tunnel junctions using low energy argon ions(332K)
6.8High resolution magnetic patterning of exchange coupled multilayers(105K)
6.9Measurement of the three magnetization vector components of a Ni81Fe19 film(274K)

D. Exchange Bias Effect


6.10Optical control of the magnetization in exchange biased NiFe/FeMn bilayers on the picosecond timescale (64K)
6.11Investigation of the polycrystalline Fe19Ni81/Fe50Mn50 exchange bias system with varying Cu spacer layer for partial decoupling (226K)
6.12Structural analysis of the Ni81Fe19/Fe50Mn50 exchange bias layer system (149K)
6.13Modification of the magnetic properties of the polycrystalline Ni81Fe19/Fe50Mn50 exchange bias bilayer system by Ga+-ion irradiation (145K)

E. Elastic Properties


6.14Growth dynamics in sputtered BN films revealed by Brillouin light scattering (107K)
6.15Evidence of surface phonons in mesoscopic BN coated fibres (69K)
6.16Monte Carlo method to analyze the dispersion of guided acoustic modes (918K)

F. Transfer of Technology


6.17Mode-locked ps-Nd:YVO4-laser for time-resolved measurements at wavelengths of 1064 nm, 532 nm and 266 nm (59K)
6.18The influence of amorphous carbon coating on encrustations of indwelling catheter surfaces (585K)

Publications (28K)

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Appendix (219K)

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