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Annual Report 2002


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5.1 Magnetism
5.2 Institut für Dünnschichttechnologie - Transfersteller der Universität Kaiserslautern

6 Experimental results

A. Dynamic Magnetic Phenomena

6.1Spin wave wells with multiple states created in small magnetic elements (54K)
6.2Numerical simulations for potential polyvalent devices (147K)
6.3Phase coherent precessional switching of microscopic spin-valve elements (53K)
6.4Phase control of non-adiabatic parametric amplification of spin wave packets (108K)
6.5Formation of envelope solitons from parametrically amplified and con-jugated spin wave pulses (112K)

B. Magnetic Films and Double Layers

6.6Control of interlayer exchange coupling in Fe/Cr/Fe trilayers by ion beam irradiation(681K)
6.7 Temperature dependence of the interlayer coupling in a Fe/Cr/Fe wedge sample: Static and dynamic studies(98K)
6.8Correlation of morphology and magnetic anisotropies of epitaxial Fe(001) films on vicinal Au(001) surfaces with different step orientation (387K)

C. Exchange Bias Effect

6.9Spacer induced variation of the coupling strength in the exchange bias FeMn/Cu/NiFe system(60K)
6.10Probing the interface magnetism in the Fe50 Mn50 /Ni81Fe19 exchange bias system using second harmonic generation(86K)
6.11In-situ irradiation of NiFe/FeMn exchange bias bilayers(48K)
6.12Phase diagrams of exchange bias systems with additional fourfold anisotropy(79K)
6.13Influence of thermal activation on the exchange bias effect(136K)

D. Elastic Properties

6.14Brillouin light scattering study on nanoporous low dielectric constant films (48K)
6.15Surface phonons in stepped hard films (43K)

E. Transfer of Technology

6.16Antiadhesive coatings on coextrusion dies for EVOH containing blend resin (155K)

Publications (28K)

Conferences, Workshops, Schools and Seminars (26K)

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